Monday, October 29, 2007

Wedding, Travel Knitting, Sock Knitting, FO picture!

So, the weekend of November 10th, my best friend from high school is getting married in Raleigh. I'm really excited about it. She's been dating her fiance forever.. :) I met him for the first time last spring break and I liked him a lot. He's really personable and definitely not as dorky as she has made him out to be. :) I'm a bridesmaid and I've got my dress and I finally picked up shoes and matching purse this weekend. I'm heading to the seamstress right after work to get the dressed hemmed...I know I'm cutting it close...I needed shoes first. I'm working on her present finally too. Yes, I'm a procrastinator... :) But I do have a great idea that includes hand knits(of course). I'm not sure she reads this blog so I won't say more than that but that's not the only thing I'm including. It's going to be a fun basket of stuff let's just say for now. I'll take pictures and share when I'm done and it's been given to her. :)

Ok... Travel Knitting...Since the wedding is in Raleigh that means I'm going to be flying and need to figure out what knitting to bring. I'm thinking that I should stay away from metal needles all together since I read the TSA rules. I'm probably going to bring a sock on bamboo dpns and the fingerless gloves I've been wanting to make for myself. Both use dpns so that should be fine.

I'm casting on today for the Fawkes pattern using my new yarn!! I'm swatching to figure out what needle size to use...I have a US 1 and US 2 Knitpicks circ needles thanks to my football-a-long swap pal. Since I haven't tried using 2 circs or Magic Loop I'm a little nervous about it. I'm going to attempt the Magic Loop method when I figure out which size to use. :) This will not be my travel sock though...since it's going to be on circs that are too long for the guidelines.

What sock will I make then for travel knitting? I'm planning on making the Rainbow Socks using my Regia Yarn in Landscape Fire and make it on bamboo dpns. :) I might have to pick up some dpns in size 1s though. Will have to swatch for that this later this week. :)

Ok...last but not least FO picture of my first pair of SOCKS!!!
They did not knit up the same but not sure if it was me or the's ok. I've decided they are going into my sock museum as my first socks. I had a tough time with the second sock's toe. Going to need more practice on that part. I sure do like them though!!


  1. I've brought Addi Turbos on board before without problems (making hats)... but I never read that article you found. I'd say stick with socks on bamboo DPNs to be safe!

  2. I can imagine knitting is very therapeutic! And those socks are adorable!


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