Friday, November 2, 2007

Cass' Contest

Ok, Cass over at Shut up, I'm Counting is having her contest for her 333rd post. :) If you don't already read her blog...well, you should. :) She's a great read and you just have to know that she is who she is and that is what's great about her. :)

So what to do....Go over to her blog and...
Post a comment (on her blog), telling (her) A Few of Your Favorite Things. Specifically, (she) want to know 3 of your favorite knitting related gifts, to give, receive, make or buy for yourself. These can be knitted or not, but it needs to be knitting related. If you have a link to the pattern or a pic, even better!

And, in keeping with the theme, you have 3 ways to win entries:
-Your comment (on her blog) wins you 1 entry.
-Posting this contest to your blog wins you another entry. (She'll be poking around all week, or if want to be sure (she) knows you've posted, come back here and tell me.)
-And you can earn 1 bonus entry for each of your readers who mentions you here.

Don't Forget to mention I sent you!! :) Thanks....I'd love to win her favorite 3 things.

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