Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dogs on Thursday on Wednesday!! Knitting Group...and Sea World.

First off, thanks to those who have left comments for my first contest. Reading everyone's thanks has put a smile on my face. Keep up the great sharing. :)

I'm doing Dogs on Thursday a day early since I will be at Sea World with the 6th graders tomorrow and Friday morning. I love field trips, especially when they involve fun places like Sea World. Surfer Girl will be going as well since she is one of my students. I have my travel knitting and told my knitting group student in 6th grade to bring theirs.

The pictures for this weeks Dogs on Thursday are actually a year old but I just wanted to share them anyway. Sorry no new ones. Abby LOVES stuffed animals. We don't keep them around much anymore because Jackjack likes to de-stuff them.

Such a stoic pup.

Hope you enjoy my puppy pictures.

Tuesday was the first day of my knitting group at school. I think it went very well. I had 8 girls and 1 boy. 8 kids who had never learned to knit and 1, surfer girl, who has. I was hoping I'd have some help but everyone was busy. It would have been nice to have another person there to keep people going but the kids were really patient and did great. Some girls brought their knitting with them to school and when they finished a project in class we worked on it for a couple minutes. The knitting group should be fun with the great students I have coming. I still need to get the picture up of all the yarn I got from all the wonderful bloggers who donated it to my group. Soon...bare with me.

Well...I better get packing for tomorrow and get some rest. I promise to get to all the comments for the contest as soon as I get back. Thank you for stopping by and participating in my contest if you do.

Happy Knitting.


  1. So cool that you are doing a knitting group for the kids! What a fun time. Thanks for co-coordinating the Dogs on Thursday Holiday Swap.

  2. Ahhh! Stoic, indeed :0 I want to kiss that face! BTW: I think it's funny you found that link to "My Littler Person In a Fur Suit". That was (I thought) a hidden link I set up for DOT -- you will see something very similar to it later today on her site ;) Thx for the visit.

  3. LOL! Elise loves to de-stuff stuffed animals too!

    Abigail looks like she is having such a great time!
    Jackjack is cute in his stoic pose!

    I am glad your knitting class is going well.
    If you need more yarn adn needles let me know.
    Also Thank you so much for helping me with the DOT swap!

  4. Both pups are so sweet looking. Don't you just love our pups? They make you so happy. Great work on the knitting group. I have one each friday for youngsters ages 4-12 at my library. We have lots of fun. In the beginning it was hard. Take they all learn it gets easier. I even have a 9 year old that knits socks on double pointed needles. She only started knitting last year. Kids are great. Hope your trip went well.

  5. Abby and that stuffed animal is soooo cute :-)My dogs like to de-stuff them also.

  6. Great pictures - love the action shot of abby :) Frisky has a thing for stuffed animals too - likes to destuff them.

  7. Have fun teaching kids! They are so fun to teach.

    PS Great puppies (well really big puppies :)

  8. Oh I LOVE all the Dogs on Thursday postings. It's so heartwarming seeing wonderful loved pets. My dog carries his stuffed animals around so gently like they're his babies. Almost like he's got momma genes in him; it's cute to see.

  9. Those pics are great! I especially love the action shot with the stuffed animal flying about!!


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