Wednesday, November 21, 2007

In Ohio!!

So, our road trip up went really well. I packed food, drinks, and snacks for the ride up. We stopped twice for gas and three times for a bathroom break. Let's just say we made really good time. :) Special K gave in and we listened to the first half or so of Stephen King's Hearts in Atlantis. It's pretty good so far. My travel knitting was a pair of gauntlets. I was able to knit one but got a belly ache and it got dark so I only finished on. I'll post up pics later. I already cast on for the second one. I'm hoping to finish this and a hat while I'm here. :) We'll see.

My sister finished her first knitting design for her etsy shop. This will be the design for the cards for my contest.

They are great!!! What do you guys think?? She did a good job. She said that she'll put them up on her etsy shop this weekend. So, go over and check it out. You can also comment on my contest too. It's still open. I'll announce the winner on Monday when we get back.

Well...back to visiting with Special K's family. I hope all is well.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


  1. Glad you arrived safe and sound! have a great time. The cards are the best. I will be over to her shop. Tell Sis she is a clever girl.

  2. The cards are great. So glad you had a good Thanksgiving.

  3. I LOVE, love, love those cards... very cool!
    Feel better soon.. can't wait to see the gauntlets

  4. Cute cards...kinda matches my new gray Ravelry shirt!


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