Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Travel Knitting!!!

So, I decided that a sock it is. More specifically the More Fun than Cables Sock Pattern using my Dream in Color Smooshy yarn in Lipstick Lava!! I stopped by Needles and Knobs today to pick up some bamboo dpns in size US 1 and had her ball the hank for me.

Those flowers are just so pretty and go so well with my yarn!! ;)

I also dropped off some yarn for her to ball up as well. A fellow teacher's husband went to Peru this last week and brought me back a bunch of cheap Peruvian yarn. I think all of it is acrylic but it's nice for the kids. She also brought me back a ton of needles. I'll take some pictures and show you when I post the knitting group donation post coming soon.

Well..I'm off to swatch the Dream in Color to figure out if I really needed these dpns. :)

I'm still working on the first "Fawkes" sock and I got to the heel last night. I love this pattern and it's pretty easy to do which makes it even better. I also love Magic Loop.

I'm taking pictures with my cellphone since yes, again my camera died. I left it on...UGH!!I love these flowers. Have I mentioned I love hibiscuses.

Well...we've got a softball game at 8 tonight so I need to get on with my swatching, and laundry for the weekend. Happy Knitting!!


  1. Those socks and that sock yarn are great!!! Very pretty :-)

  2. NICE! And a little hibiscus never hurt any sock or sock yarn as far as I'm aware...

  3. Love the color of that yarn! Pretty socks too...

  4. The socks are turning out lovely!

    And I've tried magic looping for the first time and failed horribly at it. Haha!

    But seriously, it's looking great!


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