Friday, December 28, 2007

Catch's about time!!'s been 8 days since I last posted. I do believe this is the longest I've gone between posts. So you can only imagine I've been pretty busy and away from my computer. I am never very far from my computer and usually have time to play but with the holidays, my brother in town, and Special K off work(which is rare)...I have not had time to sit and blog. Don't get me wrong I missed it and thought about it but I just haven't sat down...until today. I'm sad I missed Wedding Wednesday and Dogs on Thursday this week.....I promise not to let this happen again...Oh and there will be another theme day starting next week....It's going to be a surprise!!!

A lot has been going on in the last week...we got off for Christmas break but I have been working "extra" care at school. This is always an interesting experience for me. I am not the biggest fan of watching a bunch of K-3rd graders, whose parents can barely handle but the kids always surprise me. I actually had 7 kids today drawing, which if you'd seen them 15 minutes before you would be surprised that I was able to accomplish this. They were enjoying themselves and seemed to not want to stop drawing for lunch. Score one point for gnat!!...but the kids sad to stay, still probably have 5 points. I'm much better with my middle schoolers than I am with the Kindergarteners. They love me but I am not as sensitive sometimes as I think I should be. I am working on this.

I do get time to knit while working so that's been good. Last Friday I spent probably the whole day working on a hat for my sister. :) She knows that I'm making it for her but not what it looks like so no pictures yet. It's part of her Christmas gift...I am her secret Santa. I knit her a couple things and bought her something small and she emailed me asking me to knit her a hat because she saw the one I'm knitting Surfer Girl, which by the way isn't done yet either. UGH!! Well...I spoiled the surprise and told her that I was her secret Santa and if she could handle the package being late I would knit her a hat. I picked an awesome pattern out and started knitting it last Friday. I got halfway done that wrist hurt I was knitting so much. :) Then the weekend came and my brother...well, the holiday's didn't allow much knitting time for me...unfortunately.

So...I worked on it here and there but I was at the part of the pattern I need to give it a lot of attention. So...hence I finally finished it yesterday and lo and was TOO small. I about CRIED!! It would fit a 3rd grader but not my sister or my head. So...the final decision after some pouting and fussing was to rip it back and add more rounds. Holding back tears I ripped back about 20 rounds. I put it back on the needles and sat and stared at it. I need to pick it up and finish it today but it and I need space before I just take scissors to it. It will look great when I'm done though I will have to say that. :)

Between all the pouting and fussing over Cris' hat I did manage to knit myself a simple Ipod sock using some left over yarn from my Fawkes socks.

My dear Fiancee Special K, bought me a red Ipod Nano as one of my Christmas gifts. He spoiled me rotten this Christmas with the ipod, two gift certificates, two knitting books, two omelet pans, a knife, and his love. :) I did not knit him anything because he doesn't appreciate my hand knits like most people, but that's ok. I bought him a wallet and filled it with pictures of us and his family. I got him his favorite chocolate, a BBQ utensil set, a tee that says "morning people suck", and my brother went in with me on a tennis racket, tennis balls, and a headband. Special K just learned to play tennis so we figured he'd need some supplies. We actually have a date with my niece and nephew tonight to play. :)

Well...I could go on forever but I always feel I need more pictures if I'm going to ramble too long. :) Thank you for those who sent comments for sharimom. We missed her during the holidays but we did get an awesome package for Christmas from her. I need to take some pictures and I'll post when I can. Another holiday weekend is upon us so I doubt I will be by the computer much but I will try to take pictures and get a head start on some post to share.

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and plan on having a wonderful NEW YEAR!!

Happy Knitting!!!


  1. Yay, that's my girl! Between you, smittenkitchen and CAP, I got my daily blog fix in and I can get through the weekend.

    What? No dog pictures? No fam pics? Glad he spoiled you rotten. You deserve it.

    Happy New Year to you and yours.
    FLORIDA for the HOLIDAYS next year, baby!!!!


  2. So glad you had a nice Christmas--no blog x 8 days??--perfectly understandable. Happy New Year

  3. I'm glad he spoiled you rotten too :)

    Happy New Year.

  4. Happy Christmas and a Great New Year to you. I have also taken a blog break.


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