Monday, December 31, 2007

More catch up blogging before the New year!! Post 1- Concert

Ok...this is Post 1 of a couple catch up posts. I'm going to break up my catching up in a couple post on the 31st of December of 2007. I figured I should start the new year fresh and with no catching up to do. To Special K, yes....I should be organizing the office like I said I would while you were at work but I'm stuck blogging...I'm sure you will in no way understand but I'll get to the office. :) (I did spend 5 hrs cleaning and organizing the rest of the house the other day)

Ok....this first catch up post is about the concert I went to back in November. I mentioned it in this post.

My friend Carrie worked for the St. Pete Times Forum for a long time and her boyfriend still works there. She called me up and said that she had tickets to the Keith Urban concert. Now for those of you who don't know...I am a HUGE country fan. They used to call me the Latin Hick. I have boots and a cowboy hat too. So...she said she had good tickets but her boyfriend called and mentioned that floor seats had just opened and he'd put some in the box office. I have never had floor seats to any concert and I usually am not wanting them because sometimes you can't see that well. We decided to start there and check them out....we always could go back to the original ones. Well, we did not realize that these were second row floor seats right next to the center aisle. UMM...can you say AWESOME!!!! We were so close it was amazing. Gary Allen opened for them and he was good. We all got picks from him.

Then there was Keith, yes I can call him by his first name...we were that close. :)
I love his music and he's so cute. was so much fun to watch his concert from so close. A couple of the girls I went with got to touch him. I'm not into touching famous people. I got a pick from him but a girl Kim who went with us got a drum stick. That was too cool.
All these pictures were taken with my cell phone. My friend Carrie had her camera and took a great picture of us but I never got a copy of it. I might amend it in when she ever gets around to emailing me it. :)

I hope you enjoyed my Concert post. Still more to come today...

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