Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Decorations, Dogs on Thursday, and Backyard Fun...

Please keep Sharimom, Special K's mother in your prayers. Her father's funeral was today and I know it's not an easy day for Special K's family. Also..Happy Birthday to Sharimom as well. Her birthday was yesterday.

I promised Sharimom pictures of our house a LONG time ago. So...finally here they are.

Our lights outside.

Our pretty Christmas Tree!! We got a fake tree this year from Special K's boss. I miss the pine scent but I love my tree. The crucifix that is hanging next to the tree was my grandmother's and has been in our family for a long time. She passed it down to my father and I asked him for it and thankfully he gave it to me. I've never been too fond of crucifixes but this one has a lot of meaning.

Dogs on Thursday post is a BIG thank you to my DOT Ornament Swap Pal, Vivian. She did a great job on my package. She sent Jack and Abby toys and treats. This picture was great but notice they won't even look at the treats because they were told to leave it. :) I'm actually pretty proud of both of them for not stealing it early.
I was really proud of these pictures too. They sat there until I was done taking the pictures and then when I said "ok." They looked at me like are you sure and then both separated and chowed down.

Again Thank you so much Vivian....from Jackjack and Abigail.

Last but not least our weekend outdoor fun... our sod....And yes, we laid sod in December....only in Florida can you do that. :) Special K's dad, Coach Dad, promised it should turn green in a week if we water it every day. I've been diligently watering and hoping to come home to green where our sand pit used to be.

Also we have this shed in our backyard that holds our washer and dryer and it must be the oldest shed that was not put together well. The door has been driving Special K and I crazy for months. This weekend Special K, as I was laying the sod, decided to rehang the door and replace the latch so it will stay closed. Kind of a bad picture but the latch totally works and is great!!! GO Special K and his handy work!!!

Well, I hope everyone is having a great holiday season. Today was technically my last day at work but since I'm saving up to pay for the rest of my dress I decided to work extra-care at school for the break so I can make some extra money. That means I'll be back here really early tomorrow to take care of the elementary school kids...and a couple times over the break. I don't mind extra-care on most day so we'll see. I'm going to bring my knitting so I can finish up on my Christmas knits.

Happy Knitting/Dogs on Thursday!!!

PS....Our St. Pete Stitch n Bitch is going great. We had so much fun last night. I organized a small holiday gift exchange and it went well. I'm so glad I started this group and have met such great people!!!


  1. I an desperatly impressed with your pups ability to delay gratification. Put a Snickers Bar on the back of my hand, and the picture would be one big chocolate/peanut blur!

  2. Your doggies have tremendous self-restraint. They obviously are well trained!! The picture of them by the tree is so cute---no treat? Then I just won't look at you!!


  3. So sweet the two puppies are!
    Their treats they see from afar-

    What can they do?
    They must obey you!

    But with your command
    the treat is just grand

    So sweet the two puppies are
    around their tree they are the stars!

  4. thanks so much for the condolences. it's pretty sad up here and I didn't even want to remember my birthday. everyone asked about SpecialK (for they love him so much)and how he was doing. I told them he couldn't come up and that he has a terrific life and a beautiful, magnificent fiance`.

    House is fantastic and tree is great. The dogs look so obendient.

    Merry christmas

  5. Many thoughts & prayers to your family...

    GREAT pics of the dogs - you did good on training! lol

  6. Looks like you have a comfy home. Nice dogs--good dogs--obviously a great owner

  7. My best thoughts and prayers to Sharimom and you guys too. Not that there's any good time to go through this, but the holidays hurt so much more big hugs. Your babies are so good and your tree is divine:) Hope you all enjoy the holiday season.

  8. Catching up .... so glad the JackJack and Abigail liked the treats! The bones look so little in their hands :-) so cute


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