Wednesday, December 5, 2007

(New) Wedding Wednesdays's what I've decided. The inevitable is that I will be posting about my wedding plans. I won't be able to help here at Barknknit are going to be Wedding Wednesdays. I even made a button to link to all the wedding posts on my blog if you want to catch up. ;) If you noticed I put this button on the side bar up on Monday!!

Well...As I mentioned, so far we have the Pastor, Church, theme/color, tentative date and wedding party. Things I'm working on are the budget and reception site, which will finalize the date. I have three appointments next week to check out Reception Locations. I'm not really sure any will work but I'm in the I want to see it all stage. :) I'm still searching to the right site which fits our budget, guest list, and style. (not an easy task)

I am having a little trouble already with the bridesmaids. I am the baby of 5 girls and then my step-sister. I have decided that I want my 5 sisters, 2 nieces, and Special K's sister to be my bridesmaids. Yes, that is a lot but it's important to me. I know that the 3 oldest sisters, who all have kids, really don't want to be a part of the bridal party. They think they are too old and would rather play the mom role. As nice as that sounds, it's important for me to include them in the bridal party. I know that in the next year this issue will be discussed over and over until I finally have them buy their dresses. I did already decided that I'm going to pick a designer and assign them alternating colors and let them choose what they want their dress to look like. I'm not sure if I'm just being difficult or why I really want this but it's just something that I've always wanted. (I'm not trying to torture them as they believe) I guess I'll just have to let them know that it's important to me.

Well...I might be trying on wedding dresses on Saturday too. I know a little early but my friend has to go to Tampa to get measured for a bridesmaid dress for her friends wedding so I figured might as well go with her. Should be fun. I've always had an idea of what I want mine to look like. :) Hopefully one that goes with the cute shawl I plan to knit. :)

Oh, by the way our theme is a Chicago Cubs theme, which makes our colors red and blue and a baseball theme. My sister over at is designing our invitations and save the dates. And I'd like to say a big thank you for those who have stopped by her etsy shop. The link is still up in the sidebar.

Blog Info...I'm sorry to those I haven't responded to your comments or those I've read your blog and not commented. I usually am much better about this but lately I've been busy and just haven't had time to comment or respond. I appreciate all the comments that are left though. I always love to leave comments on others blogs as well but lately I feel I don't even have time to even read my favorite blogs, let alone comment on all the ones I'd like. I've managed to read them anyway. I'm hoping to get back to commenting and responding soon.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. :) I love Christmas time.

PS...remember it's also St. Pete Stitch n Bitch night!! ;)


  1. How gosh darn cool is a Cubs theme?! Lehu would have loved that.

  2. It's never too early to go looking for/at dresses.

    I know what you mean about all the sisters being in the wedding. For my first wedding, I wanted all my sisters but they couldn't afford the dresses and my youngest sister wouldn't wear one, period!

    Remember............the journey is the most fun!

  3. Baseball themed wedding that sounds really cool.
    I agree with Sharimom it is never too early to go looking for/at dresses. If you find the perfect dress don't let anyone talk you out of it and don't second guess yourself. I found my dress a good four months before my wedding (not saying that you need to) and it was a load off of my mind. It was also easier to get everything else done once the dresses/tuxes were picked out. Good luck I can't wait to read more about your wedding planning.
    (sorry for such long comment)

  4. Baseball theme- that's awesome- I guess ours will be kinda rugby themed... not sure how I what I think of that. But, there you go. Have fun trying on dresses- I'm going to get a cute outfit for our ceremony- and I am looking forward to going and trying things on- its fun to look like a princess!

  5. Hi, there! I've been lurking more than commenting lately - I'm sorry about that! But, I love your Wedding Wednesday - FUN!

  6. So where is the picture of the ring :-)


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