Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dogs on Thursday!

Thank you for those already commenting on my Valentine's Day Contest. Please scroll down to next post for details. I've been enjoying reading all the wonderful stories.

For this Dogs on Thursday post I just wanted to share some pictures of my silly girl Abigail. She was relaxing with her dirty puppy.
And then just laying around and looking at me like "what are you doing?? and why are you down on the floor with the camera?." :)
I was going to write all about my sister's dog because I got some great pictures of her but I think I wanted to scan a couple more of her and do a little story on my blog about my sister's dog. I don't have time to write that much I've got to head out. Save that for next week.

Jackjack is doing well..but I thought since he had his little video show that I'd just do Abigail this week. :)

And check this shelving out. I found it on Decor8. I thought it was awesome and would love it not that it would fit anywhere in my house but I would make it fit. :)

Happy Dogs on Thursday!!!


  1. Oh sweet Abigail!
    She looks so cozy with her stuffed toy.

    I love that shelving unit/dogbed!
    What a great combo idea.
    Elise would love it too, but alas the cats would take it over!
    Not to mention I don't think I have room for something that size either! LOL!

  2. Oh I hope this isn't a double post...I wasn't paying attention and hit the wrong button...
    Abigail is such a beautiful dog and looks very comfy! I love the looks they give us as to wonder what the hec we're
    Love the shelving to, great idea, will have to put it ont he build

  3. That shelving is so cool... wish it'd fit someplace in my house too!

    Great pics... love Abigail's pink Bobo!

  4. Abigail looks so dear with her dirty baby. Grover has a dirty alien, and a dirty duck. Totally disgusting, but well loved. I love the dog bed/shelving unit. I would only have to add a room and I could get it:)

  5. I saw that ad too. Sure we have a mud room! but then I doubt the dogs would stay there!

  6. Abigail looks so sweet with her puppy. Wilbur loved toys too but Charlotte kept eating them...

  7. Abigail is sooooo cute... I really like the shelving also.

  8. Abigail is darling, but Sissy and I want the shelving unit. Don't know where we could possibly put it, but we want it just the same. Maybe in the Page's room, which is about to become the study?

  9. Great shelving unit!
    Hmmmm....where could I put one?

  10. I like the shelving too, but I really like the tree hat rack next to it. It's on my pottery barn wish list (not that I could fit much more in our tiny house).

  11. Oh, Abigail. She's so adorable. I know how much she means to you.

  12. Abby looks so sweet :) Frisky would never stay in that dog bed though, lol, though that kind of setup is the kind of thing I dream about.

  13. gotta love those sweet little golden faces; they're so expressive. my remy won't let me get on the floor to take her picture, though. she thinks if i'm on the floor i'm fair game for nosing. :-)

    I want thos shelves now, too. complete with dog. :-)


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