Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!! and Sock Madness socks are a FO!

Pattern: Zombie Socks by Sheryl Giles
Yarn: Colinette Jitterbug in Copperbeach.
: March 13 2008
: March 21 2008
Comments: I finished the Zombie socks for Sock Madness 2. These are my March socks and the fastest socks I've ever knit. It took me a week and a day to finish the pair of socks. The first sock was fun to knit and then the second was stressful but I sat down Friday evening and finished them. I was shaking by the time I reached the toe and knew that I might actually make it to round 2, which I did. I was #34 in my division to finish and 40 in each go to round 2. YEAH!! So, I'm going to figure that the 2nd round socks are my "April" socks. I hope I like the pattern.

Last night Special K and I colored eggs. Yes, we are silly. :) Special K did the two eggs on the left and I did the ball of yarn and needles. There were more but I liked these the best.

Hope everyone has a great Easter or Spring day!! We are heading to dinner(lunch) at Special K's step-mother's parents house. I was put in charge of fruit salad....I'm still "new" to the family. It's OK though...for now I guess I really don't want them to know I actually cook. :) After that we are hoping to stop by my sister's house to see them. They of course planned their lunch at the same time. Go figure. This always seems to happen to me. I just hope to see them for a bit.

Well, now that my socks are off the needles, it feels great. I knit two rows on my wedding shawl and worked on the Greenery Hat. I also spun a little bit of yarn on a wheel I'm borrowing from my friend Sean. I got frustrated and stopped but I had a little bit of fun. I also got a bunch of stuff in the mail, including the book Start Spinning from Maggie Casey. It's wonderful by the way, but it would be incredible to have her here to show me what I'm doing right or wrong.

I also got my order from I'll post up pictures this afternoon. I LOVED it. They are such a great company. I'll talk more about them later. :)

And anyone waiting for a podcast that will be up tomorrow afternoon. I'm planning to record tomorrow on my day off for "Easter Monday." I teach at a Lutheran school so we have Good Friday and Easter Monday off.

Happy Easter!!!


  1. Sounds like a fun and productive Easter weekend!

  2. Happy Easter... I love the eggs, very cute :-) :-) Hope you enjoy your lunch, Fruit salad sounds good mmmmm.... Cant wait until the next podcast comes up :-)

  3. Love the eggs. Love the socks. I love fruit salad. Great that you got started on your wedding shawl. Happy Easter

  4. Happy Easter and congratulations on finishing the Zombie Socks! :-)

  5. HAPPY EASTER! I love the socks grats on their completion.

    The eggs are too cute. Can't wait to see what your wedding shawl looks like.


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