Sunday, April 20, 2008

DC Day 1- Soaking wet!

Today has been an interesting day.  We all got to the airport on time and checked in.  We said good-bye to the parents and headed to the gate.  I was nervous going through security, even though so many of you had said that needles were fine.  Thank you for all your comments.  They never even said anything or opened any of my bags. :)  I was happy.  So, we sat down and the kids got drinks, mostly caffeinated ones. :)  I cast on while sitting there Our plane was delayed a bit but we all got seated and took off.  I sat with my sister and co-teacher.  Fleas worked on the yearbook, D listened to my podcast and music on my ipod, and I knit.   I got some good progress in a short time....the joys of knitting one sock at time.  You "see" progress.Our flight was really bumpy and the landing was very scary but we got to DC safe and sound.  We headed to the Reagan building for some lunch.  Our favorite turkey dinner place was not serving that today because it was was sad.  We were all hungry at this point because it had been a while since we had breakfast.  All the kids ate and then we headed over to the Washington Monument for our ticket appointment.  It had been rainy here and there so far but as soon as we got all the kids off the bus and walking up to the monument it started to POUR on us.  The wind was chilly and strong and the whipping rain was incredible.  We left hurricane country to experience hurricane weather. :)  

When we reached the monument it was closed due to weather conditions.  The kids huddled by the monument for a while and then we sent them back to get cover underneath the shelter and the bottom of the hill.  The security guard came out and told D and me that it was unsafe to be here and we should head down.  We waited until someone told us that they would try to open at 3 or they would try to honor our tickets tomorrow.  Ugh.  We headed down to the shelter to wet, grumpy kids, who wanted nothing else but to head to the hotel.  We held them there for a bit to see if the monument would reopen.  We don't really have much time tomorrow to fit it in because we have a ton of appointments.  We sent Fleas up to check if it would open at 3 and the answer was no.  Disappointed and cold we rejoiced to be back on the bus.  From there we swung by Target to get drinks and snacks, then to the hotel to check in and get into clean clothes.  We've had pizza, showers, social time and now it's quiet time and ready for bed.   I've been knitting.  I had to unknit a couple rows because I messed up the pattern but I think I'm doing pretty good.  This pattern is great!!  What do  you think??
The ribbing seems a bit long but it's 2 inches.  It might be because there's not enough pattern to counterbalance it.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll get some sock pictures that actually have DC in them.  It's been fun so far. 

Special K had a good day fishing with his dad, step-mom, and step-cousin.  They caught some Kingfish and that makes them happy.  Jackjack and Abigail had some afternoon visiting from my sisters, nephew, and brother-in-law while Special K was fishing.  Jackjack and Special K headed over to his dad's for some dinner.  Poor Abby had to stay home. :)  It's too many dogs and people over there.

Well...hope everyone is well.  I'm sorry that I won't really have much time to read many blogs but I'll catch up when I get back.  

Happy Knitting!!


  1. So sorry you got such miserable weather, but at least you are getting some knitting done. I have large legs for a short person and I always make my ribbing 3"--therefore I don't think that your ribbing looks too long. The sock looks great. Glad you are having a safe trip.

  2. Ugh what a shame horrible weather!!! I hope the rest of the week gets better for you.

  3. Sounds like your having fun... I love the socks!! sorry about the rain.. I hope the rest of the weekend goes well :-)

  4. Hope you enjoy your time in D.C. I live within a very easy drive (mileage-wise) of there and haven't set foot or wheel in the city in at least the last 10 years. The D. C. "metro" area extends out at least 60 miles and traffic is horrendous.

  5. Go figure. I just got to read all of these, thanks to Reader...

    You know I love DC. The old Post Office and National Cathedral are my favorites!


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