Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wedding Wednesday FINALLY!!!

Ok, so I promised you all an update on how bridesmaid dress shopping with my four of my sisters and my 2 nieces went. We got to the place around 7pm and the lady assigned to us sat me down and started asking me questions about the wedding and what I wanted the girls to wear. I quickly told her that anything they wanted in apple red. So, she pulled out the book and they picked a bunch they liked and told her their sizes. She picked one to start with and got all their sizes in that dress and set them up in dressing rooms. This process went suprizingly well and the lady helping was pretty good. Everyone tried on a bunch of dresses and some quickly decided on which they liked and didn't like. :)

After about an hour or so most had picked a dress but my oldest niece. They didn't really have any of the dresses their in her size that we had been trying on and she really wasn't sure how they would look in her size so she was having trouble picking a dress. We decided that she could look online again and call the other store and we would start checking out. Well, as we were checking out she saw a dress she thought was great even though it's long and decided to try it on. She did and she loved it. So, at the end everyone found a dress they liked. It was a fun experience but I was a bit stressed because I really wanted everyone to be happy with the dress they picked out. :) Afterwards we stopped and had dinner and enjoyed each other's company. I split a beer with my cousin who had come with us and that was a great half a beer and it was much needed!!

Ok...I'm sure you're wondering are we going to get to see what dresses they picked...well, of course!!

Here's the list of the four dresses that were picked. Several were picked by 2 people and one sister and Special K's sister still need to go and pick a dress but they don't live here.

Ok. Regina and Lucesita picked F12899

Fleas and Surfer Girl picked 81591

and CZbrats picked F12723

and College Niece picked F12904
and she is going to crop it. :)

Everything else is going really well. We still are looking at carterers but we've cut out of a few from the list so that is good. I still need to call about renting chairs for the ceremony. I did call my cousin's company and found out about ordering the cups, which are going to be used at the reception and people can take home with them. The cups will be 22 oz stadium cups half of them in red and half in blue with white writing. My sister is going to design it. She's also working on my invites so I'll be approving those soon.

I did order something fun!! I ordered a Cub's garter! It's the coolest. I ordered it from Garter's by Kristi. She has so many choices.
This is the link to the one I ordered with the throw away garter too. I love it!! Jackjack did get into the package and get a little bit into one of them but it's not that noticeable and come on...most things in my life have been touched by Jackjack. That is why he is rarely aloud around the stash and knitting. :) By the way, she has great service and is so very nice! If you are in the market for a garter please go check her out.

Well, hope you all enjoyed the wedding update. I'll try to keep them more regular. Things will be hectic closer to the wedding so should be fun!!

I had a long day today but am feeling good. I ended up making it to my Wed night SnB and it was tons of fun!! I got a bunch of knitting done and talking too! I'm off to bed to knit and sleep hopefully.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. really pretty dresses! i like that you let them choose as long as they stay in the same color family. Is college niece the maid of honor? Cute garters!

  2. Beautiful dresses all of them :) I kinda wish the idea that not all of your bridesmaids have to wear the same dress was more popular when I got married. Well, there's always next time (no worries, I'm already divorced haha)

  3. Loved looking at the dresses, I changed them all to the Apple color too, really pretty

  4. All of the dresses are truly pretty. And I so love that red. It's awesome.
    Glad things are going well. The big day will be here be here you know it.

  5. Oh those are pretty dresses!
    I still remember the bridesmaids dress picking woes!
    I think you did a great job of handling yours!

    I love the garters! My husband who is a HUGE Cubs fan said he wishes he knew about that shop at our wedding.
    I just think all your wedding plans are so cool and you guys are really going to have fun on your special day!

  6. Reading this post brought back some memories of bridesmaid dress shopping. I've been in a lot of them...and I will tell you I have never worn any of them again, whether I liked them or not! That's good that everyone found something they liked. I was in one where the bride tried picking the color and we could where whatever, but three others liked the same dress so I was stuck wearing that one too.


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