Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My first prize!!

Yesterday, I came home from a long day of helping people with their sites...then picking up laundry from my cousins because our dryer is broken, and then grocery shopping...to this:
YES!!! My first prize from the Great American Dog Pool!! I was so excited and it really made my day! Nancy or Mspalmtree (rav id), who's blog is Days Go By, order my prize from the Loopy Ewe and had them send me some awesome BFL fiber from Gale's Art in the colorway Proud Peacock(I'll have to double check this later, when I'm home), some Blue Ridge Soap Shed Lavender Knitter's Hand Soap, knitting notecards from Knitterella, and some needle inventories. I've never ordered from the loopy ewe but have been wanting to...so I was excited!!
Here is a close up of the fiber. Isn't it pretty!! I love it.

Thank you very much Nancy for your great gift for GAD!!

It's kind of cool she got me fiber from Gale's Arts because that is the same company as the merino I bought this weekend!!

I also was thinking and realized today that I might end up with a fiber stash! I'm not a big stasher. I don't have tons and tons of yarn. I do have a stash of sock yarn but sock yarn doesn't count. :) At least that's what I've heard and am sticking too!! I usually buy yarn for a specific project and don't have a ton of it around. However, when it comes to fiber I just want it all!! :) There are so many great colorways and different fibers I want to try...so I think I may end up with a fiber stash! I even ordered two rovings from an etsy seller yesterday as a congrats to myself for doing well on my 90 day review! When I get it in I'll share pictures.

I'm still in search for a spinnning wheel to spin up this fiber faster than on my spindle. I am going to try out a Mach 1 wheel soon and I'm hoping to get my hands on the new Majacraft wheel the Pioneer. I'll let you know how that goes.

I have been spinning on my spindle though! Here is a picture of my latest yarn I made. I spun two singles of different fibers and plyed it together. I am not sure if I wasn't really wanting to try plying that I'd have plyed these two together but I think they came out fine.
First Ply Job. :)
I'm very excited about all I've learned about spinning and can't wait to learn more. I have been knitting as well. I'm past the heel on my 2nd 9-5 sock and I'm 6 rows in to Fleas' sweater. :) I think that's a good progress. I'm hoping now to finish my 9-5 sock by sunday and then work on the sweater and cast on my Aunt's clapotis. This one will be in a dark red Cascade 220 superwash. I love the first one so much that I'm excited to make another one. I'll try to get pictures up of the green one blocked. It came out GREAT!!!

Happy Knitting, Spinning, Dog Walking, and enjoying life!!


  1. Love the roving and especially the plied yarn!

  2. Great package! You'll be addicted to Loopy Ewe now... awesome! Soon you'll be a Loopy Groupie too!

  3. I have wanted to shop at Loopy Ewe too, I've heard such great things about them

    Oh I am so glad to know sock yarn doesn't count because I am starting to build up quite a stash myself

  4. Wow! What an awesome package! That's a nice thing to come to. :)

  5. The roving is so pretty. glad to hear you are doing well on the new job. 90 days already, time flies!

  6. Yea for packages!
    Roving is a great colorway. And I like what you spun up. The purple is very regal.
    Enjoy your gifts!

  7. What a great box and wonderful goodies! And, your spinning is beautiful.

  8. Presents are always great, but yarn presents are the best!
    Congrats on winning the contest. I don't know how you get all the things done that you do.

  9. Fabulous prizes. I just want you to know that my dryer repair cost $366.- and I've been at the mercy of my friends. Hope the great box equaled out the headache!

  10. Good for you! I love the purple/white yarn that you spun. Great to see the package of goodies.


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