Monday, September 22, 2008

Yarn, and update galore!

I had hoped to get a post up this weekend but my weekend did not exactly go as I had hoped. It was a bit rough and I have an emotional hangover. I'm kind of down today and really need a day off. My weekend started out great though! I got home to another one of these.Another gift from GAD(Great American Dog) Pool and it was from Nicole from Lapdogcreations. It was another great package too!!! She sent me some Opal sock yarn, a Yarn Harlot book, and some treats I can bake for the dogs!! She also included a really cool calendar magnet, some lapdogcreation cards, and a wag more, bark less sticker!! It's awesome!! Check it out!!
So, that started my weekend off pretty good!! That night I finally cooked the dinner I had been wanting to make since Monday...yes, busy week!! Special K came home and we ate together and watched a movie. We watched the second National Treasure movie, which I had seen and still liked. ;)

Then Saturday I had the vet apt for the pups and SK had to work so Sheryl came with me to help me with the dogs. The vet said they both are doing really well. Jackjack is putting weight on his leg and Abby's ears are all clear. We have to go back in two more weeks for Abby's last vaccine and Jackjack's liver levels. So, I'll keep you posted. Then Sheryl came over and we spent a while knitting and then grabbed lunch and stopped at the library. I'm looking for a book to make something for my dogs. When I find it I'll let you know. :)

Then the afternoon came and the start of the bad weekend....It's too hard to explain but it just was a lot of arguing and frustration. I ended up going over my cousin's house to play a game called discombobulation and it was fun. Then came home and went to sleep. Sunday, which I thought would be better....but was not. We went to church, then stopped by my cousin's for waffles, which were awesome!! Then we headed home. I spent the afternoon cleaning up a bit, finishing laundry, we walked the dogs, and knitting. We went over to SK's dad's for dinner and then came home, played Quiddler, and I went to bed. I'm not going to go into the details but today I woke up with an emotional hang over and in need of a me day! Not sure when I'll take it but I think I might need a day off this week to regroup.

To start and end this post off on a good note. Here is a picture of the clapotis finished and blocking.
And here's a picture of me in it. Sorry for my wardrobe. :)

I love how this came out! I liked it a lot but after I blocked it...I LOVE IT!! I was hoping to cast on for the one for my Aunt but got distracted this weekend. Oh well.

I did cast on for a sock for my sister. It's only going to be an ankle sock and I'm making up the pattern so should go quickly. I'm already past the heel on the first sock!! Hope she likes it.

Ok...well...have a good day and Happy Knitting!!!



  1. I love your Clapotis!! Beautiful color! I want to knit one soooo bad. Need. Details. lol hard..will I need tylenol? :P

  2. Love the Clapotis! it is beautiful. You have a greta talent. Keep smiling and take that day off for yourself-we don't always take care of ourselves and we need to. Hope the week will go smoother for you.

  3. The Clapotis turned out gorgeous! I've got some yarn in my stash designated for one, but it'll have to come after the Christmas presents.

  4. I never did block mine... tried to keep the crinkly look, but its a bit small... I have it with me today, supposed to be wearing it, but... lol Love the color of yours!

    Glad you liked the goodies!

  5. Nice job on the Clapotis.

    Arguing...these things will happen. It's bound to. just don't hold stuff in and let it fester. Or bring stuff up from aeons ago. Deal and move on girl!

    Hugs your way!
    (I know its a week late,but I couldn't not post)


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