Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dogs on Thursday!

It' s my week for a post so go over and check out my post about Sarah Wilson. :) Yes, I'm a big fan. :) I just wanted to talk about how Abby and I started Advance Basic Obedience last night and all our training this past year has totally paid off. We were pretty much the best behaved crew of the bunch. :) She did so great. I had worried with all the distractions I'd be fighting for her attention but from the moment we got out there she was spot on. She needed a little bit of a reminder when we did our first sit-stay but then she remembered it doesn't matter that there is an audience. She did so good! I'm proud of us. I'll try to get some video of our training sessions soon.

Well...when we got home tonight I of course had to train Jackjack too. So we went out front and played some Mother May I and some practice with recall. He is getting it when there are few distractions so that's good. One step at a time.

Here are my mentally tired pups hanging in our messy bed. :)

This weekend, Special K and I are heading to the Ultimate Superbowl Pawty! It's up in Clearwater and it's a fun event for people and dogs. There are going to be two players but none in the Superbowl this year. Abby will be coming with us but since Jackjack doesn't do that great in a crowded place...he'll either stay home or maybe go visit a cousin. :) We'll see.

Hope you all have a great week!! Happy Dogs on Thursday!!



  1. Hi love your DOT. Have fun this weekend.
    Just wondering where to go since Mr. Linky isn't up yet? It's after midnight.

  2. Have a lot of fun at the Pawty!

    I nominated your blog for a little award, c'mon over and claim it :)

  3. Of course you and Abby were the best, I'd expect none less. You are so good with your dogs

  4. That's sweet. Congrats! I need to work a few minutes every day with each of my girls in a more focused manner!

  5. Have an awesome time this weekend...go Steelers! You're such a good dog mama!

  6. Advanced obedience, that's great!!! Are you going to compete? I never expected to, but it was fun and Fudge and I really bonded.

  7. Wow, they look exhausted from all that hard work! :)

  8. Looks like a very comfy place to sleep. I have got to get mine to work on sit stay.


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