Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fair fun, a cast on, cute clean pups, and a new episode!

Yesterday, my friend Chris and I headed to the Florida State Fair! We both were going for the animals and the fair food. We first started by heading to the 4H dog contest and I saw a girl from our Obedience class. We then headed over and saw the Prue Breed Dog tent but decided to head back when they were doing the agility course which was fun to watch. We then headed over to the Sheep and Goat Tent...which turned out to be all goats! But they were so cute!!

The goats were my favorite other than the spinning demos! We also saw a lot of Cows, rabbits, and chickens and roosters. :) We had corn dogs and split a funnel cake! Let's just say we had a great time! Well, when I saw the spinning demos, one had weaving too and I met the president of the Pinellas Spinners and Weavers Guild and decided to join. I'm planning on going to a meeting this month. I'm excited because I should have my wheel soon!

Like next weekend!! YEAH!! Special K and I are driving up to Uncommon Threads in Palm Harbor and paying it off and picking it up for Valentine's day! I'm so excited I could scream!! WAHOOOO!!!

Ok...well..back to knitting to calm myself. I had casted on the Entrelac Socks by Eunny Jang this weekend. It's my first entrelac pattern and I'm really enjoying it so far! I love how they are looking. Red and pink for V day. :)

And since I have all this cute pictures of my dogs...Let's see them!! is Jackjack keeping me company while I knit away on the couch.
Here's Jackjack hoping Kenny will share some of his snacks.And again Jackjack...I's all jackjack. :) But look how cute he is here. I wrapped him up because he was shivering from his bath in the cold. He's so darn cute!
Ok...and now here's Abigail...oh with Jackjack. Ok..I'll get some Abby pics for another post later this week! :) but look how cute they are on the love seat. :) They aren't spoiled are they?
Ok...well, I hope you enjoyed the picture filled post! I'm off to finish off the dishes that Special K didn't get to and pull out the brownies I've made. Special K cooked dinner while I podcasted(New Episode up now) and then I baked dessert! Ok...gots to go!! bye.


  1. Can't wait to see the finished socks. Fair food is a No No for me.

    Oh jackJack is so so so cute.

  2. great episode and i love the doggie pics

  3. entrelac is so on socks though! Its not hard? Love the coats on the cute! Can't wait to hear the new podcast and can just smell the yummy brownies! What sweet baby pics too!

  4. Goats in coats...sounds like a great Dr. Seuss book!

  5. I can't wait until the Agility starts around here, but I don't think it does until May. It just wouldn't be warm enough.

    I would love to learn Entrelac, another thing to add to the list.

    Both of you dogs are cute, so always more pics of both!!!

  6. It's nice to see other pups "owning" the couches in the home!! Mine do the same thing!!

  7. I hear the fair has chocolate covered bacon this year. Should be interesting. Did you try any?
    Like the entrelac sock pattern. You'll have to convince me they are easy to knit.

  8. What happened to the spam and the 5 brothers-in-law?

    Fair food is thee best.....hmmmm corndogs and greasy fries.

    love ya

  9. Why is it that 'fair food' tastes so great? Did you get to see the agility?


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