Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Ultimate Super Bowl Pawty on the news!

On Saturday, Special K, Jackjack, Abigail and I headed up to Clearwater to check out the Ultimate Super Bowl Pawty at Coachman Park. I'd heard about the event and thought it would be fun to check out. It was so much fun! I had been nervous about taking Jackjack because I haven't taken him to an event like this in a long time. Special K has also never come with me. So, he took care of Jackjack and I had Abigail. We worked as a team to keep him from being able to focus on other dogs but he sniffed and did passingly greet other dogs. All calm and all very nicely. I was so proud of him. After walking around and buying a little box of homemade treats, we sat and watched the training club I'm taking Abby to do the agility courses. It was so much fun to watch the dogs and Special K was even interested in it. I can't wait to get Abby good enough to be able to do some of these events! I think she'll be great, Special K thinks she'll get too distracted. I'm out to prove him wrong!

Well, as soon as we got there this news lady asked us if Jackjack was wearing a Steelers bandanna. We told him it was just a yellow one...so she moved on. But later while we were watching the Agility course, she came over and said oh well...it may not be a Steelers bandanna but it's close. :) So, she interviewed Special K. She wasn't the greatest interviewer and asked SK some stupid questions that honestly I as a dog lover would have just answered but to a normal person he was like ummm I guess my dog is a Steeler's fan. :) She also asked if Jackjack gets excited about the games. SK just said he barks when I get excited. Well...all of this was great and all but SK decided to fib a little and told the lady that he named Jackjack after Jack Lambert, his favorite Steeler's player from the 70s. It was funny because she was like Jack Linebacker from the 60s. :) We just laughed and he corrected her.

After the interview, we sat around and watched agility some more and SK noticed that there was a football player over in the corner so we went over and it was Daneal Manning from the Chicago Bears. SK shook his hand and he admired Jackjack's shininess. :)

After that , we grabbed some lunch and then I went over and asked the camera man when the spot would air. He said the 6pm news. Well, guess what!! They made it on!! Check it out. The video is courtesy of my brother-in-law who is a genius with DVR and computers. :) Thank you!

Hope you enjoyed the news cast! I think it's funny the one thing he fibbed about was the one thing that made the news. For those of you who don't know, I got Jackjack way before I met SK. :) He got his name because he was Blackjack and I didn't like that so I cut it to Jack and then became Jackjack.

Well...thanks for watching. I'm off to relax and knit some. My shoulders and back are killing me. Not sure what happened but I woke up sore today and can't seem to loosen up.

Happy Tuesday!!


  1. I'm starting agility in the spring too! I'm so excited!!!

  2. That was Great... just goes to show not everythign you hear/see on the news is true... but gotta give Special K credit for thinking fas ton his feet and getting the air time.

  3. When I hit play and the barking started, all the cats took off running. ROTFL!

  4. That's great!!! Hope you're feeling better.

  5. Oh that is just too cute! Good job to Special K thinking on his feet.

  6. That looks like so much fun! Happy DOT!

  7. That looks like so much fun! Happy DOT!


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