Thursday, March 26, 2009

Guest blogger for DOT.

Dear Fellow Dogs on Thursday Dogs,

It's Jackjack here and I just have a couple things to ask of you. Please tell my mom that I need more attention. These walks and random love is just not enough. I need her home all day so she can pay attention to my every need. I am sick of her leaving every morning Monday-Friday and then coming home and being busy. I need her full attention at all times. I had Abigail take a picture of me so you can see how I feel.

So, please fellow DOT dogs. Tell my mom that she needs to give me more love. What she is doing is not enough. I need it all not just some. Yes, I know I get walks pretty much every day and I get to go over my cousin's house. I know I get food every day and bones and toys and scratches. BUT....I just feel that there are 8-9 hours of my day that I think she should be here to be with me.

Thank you for you support,



  1. Love the post Mommy projecting her wishes?!!!!:) Big hugs and kisses from CA for you and Abby! Happy DOT!

  2. Dear JackJack,
    I know exactly what you mean. My mom doesn't go away every day at the same time like your mom does, but she still goes away. Why don't they understand that they are suppose to be home with us or take us with them? If you figure out a way to get it thru your mom's head that we deserve all their attention, let me know.
    Good Luck, JackJack.

  3. Hey MR. JackJack... we think the same thing... we want our Mommy home with us more too and can't understand why the heck she always leaves us for this silly thing called "work"... its not fair.

    Zeus, Lola, Tut & Sophie

  4. LOL... I'm sure Sissy and Gretchen would say the same!

  5. Dear JackJack,
    I find sitting on Mommy to be very effective, myself. Of course, it helps that I outweigh her just a tad.

    Me, I prefer to nip Mommy's ankles for attention. Oh, and I bark. A lot. That works, too.

    Don't pay any attention to my brothers, they are idiots. As my mommy's favorite workout guru, Billy Blanks, likes to say - "You've got to give some to get some". I love on my mommy as much as possible. We females know this - just watch how your sister does it.
    L'il Missy

  6. Poor darling baby! Life is so ruff isn't it? I shall tell your mom the puppers come first!

  7. Dear JackJack, my mommy and my little boys are always home with me. I wish you had boys to play with, because they are so much fun. I do have to admit that I sleep a lot when my boys are taking care of school work. Love, Thor.

  8. Rob always tells the dogs when he leaves that he's going to the dog food factory. That makes them feel a little better about it.

  9. Dear Mommy,
    JackJack desperately needs you. Nothing is more important than the time you spend with him during these developmental years of his young life. Please spend more time with him and do whatever he wants.
    Wilbur and Charlotte
    ps please don't tell our mommy that we were using her computer without her permission

  10. Dear JackJack, Charli says to tell you she knows exactly how you feel. She never thinks she gets enough attention. She thinks you are cute and she is sending you a great big hug ♥

  11. Dear JackJack;

    It's Niki here, and I totally agree. True, my mom is home most of the week, I just find it more comforting to know that she's home while I sleep. I also like to get credit for barking at the mailman.

    Ours moms *so* don't get us.

  12. aaaawwww jack jack i feel the same way about my mama and papa who go to work also for 8/9 hours a day. if you tell mine i'll tell yours. woofs from snuffles.

  13. JackJack hope your mommy listens you are cute!

  14. If she didn't work you might have to chase down your food yourself. I know you might like that but your mommy wouldn't. Tell her I said to make it up on the weekends.
    Good luck.

  15. Deer JackJack,
    This is Ginger. I no what you mean. My momma is always gone two and i dont like staying home with the kats. They growl at each other and make to much noise. I hope your mom spends more time with you two.
    Ginger Snap
    I dont spell two good.

  16. Dear JackJack, when I was a wee pup I whined and cried and tore up the house when my mommy and daddy left me at home. Now that I'm a finely matured gent, I can't wait for the hoomans to leave so I can sleep in peace. Hope you find your inner peace too.

    Love, Trinket


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