Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dogs on Thursday!

So, for this weeks Dogs on Thursday post I wanted to share some cute pictures. :)

Special K and I have been sleeping on a full bed for sometime now. We do not fit that great and rarely have good nights of sleep. We decided to go splurge and buy a new bed. We headed over to Sam's Club with my sister CZBrat, who is a member and checked out their beds. We laid on all the different mattresses and decided on one. We got a great deal and were so excited. We brought it home and set it up and guess who was the first to break it in?

Of course Abigail!! Isn't she just too cute being caught on the bed!!


After know who of course took her lead and tested it out as well. It's a bit high for him and his arm but he makes it up and gets down fine. I have a feeling we may need to get him stairs later in life because of his bad elbow and his arthritis. But he is just too cute!!! He knows there is more room but hasn't tried to get up and sleep with us yet.


Well, I hope everyone has been good. I've been knitting away at my sweater and separated for the sleeves last night. I'm hoping to get a ton of knitting done this weekend. :) Special K will be up visiting his mom and family for a wedding this weekend so I will miss him loads.

Happy Knitting and Dogs on Thursday!!


  1. I'm right there with you. Especially when it storms and both kids pile in with us. That's when I normally just go sleep on the couch. ;-)

  2. I see your testers give is 4 paws up!

  3. Looks like with you, special K and two doggies you might need an even bigger bed, lol

  4. so cute, i have missed our pup getting on our bed, this one is taller and she is so old now. Such cuties there though!

  5. LOL Love the pics! Guess they figured you guys tried it out at the store, they just wanted to make sure

  6. we started with a queen and went to a king, a few years back I decided a queen was all we needed, that lasted less then 2 years and we are back to a king once again, of course if we had dogs there would be room but instead we have this vast ocean between us!!!!

  7. How else are you supposed to make sure the bed is just right? They both look too cute on that bed.
    Congrats on separating for the sleeves :)

  8. Of course the pups think you bought the new bed for them. We have a king and still run out of space for all the limbs. Bucky hasn't been jumping in bed for a long time, he gets the royal elevator treatment, by his hoomans :-) but we'll need to get a stepper for Trinket pretty soon, sometimes it takes him a few tries to get up there.

  9. Don't you love a dog on the bed? Looks like you had some maid service since your last bedroom pics. Are the pups helping out?kcnhgrz


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