Friday, September 26, 2008

More packages!! and some tired pups!!

I'm off to bed soon but wanted to share some more packages I got yesterday! One was from Dianne aka Britknitter and she sent me beautiful fiber from the Oregon Wool & Mohair Company and some Online cotton sock yarn...both I've never tried! She also sent me a sock blocker key chain! I am going to spin up some fiber so I can knit a wee tiny sock for it!! Thank you Dianne!!


Second package was from Cheryl aka wildflower38 and she sent me a skein of Socks that Rock in Jewel of the Nile colorway, which ROCK by the way!! I have been wanting to try this sock yarn for a very long time and if you listen to Lime and Violet...they are huge fans and they definitely get you excited about this yarn. I'll be casting on soon with this and will let you know what I think. :) It's very pretty. Thank you Cheryl!!


I took today off from work to get some stuff done and was very productive. I managed to get some errands that I've needed to get done completed...and did some dyeing of fiber which I'll show you tomorrow!! I had a blast dyeing. I learned a ton too!!

Well...I did manage to get up pretty early today and squeezed in a dog park visit as well. My sister, Fleas' happen to have today off too and so she met me this morning with our dogs a the dog park. We had a good time. Jackjack was so well behaved and there were tons of big dogs there. Abby was sweet as usual. :)

Here's a picture of them on the ride home...think they were tired??


You have to love the drool on my car seat!! :) They are my babies!

Well, SK is already asleep and I'm off to follow him. Hope everyone is having a great Friday night and has a great weekend!

Happy Knitting, Spinning, and Dog Parkin it!!!



  1. Priceless photo of the "kids" in the back seat. Wow, you've been getting some great pkgs in the mail lately. Lucky girl you. ;)

  2. YAY for yarn and doggie tongues!

  3. Cute doggies!
    Love all the goodies you're getting. You should be feeling spoiled right now.

  4. I love the picture of the pups in the back. Looks like two big 'ole grins to me. lol

    Wonderful packages, btw.

  5. Oh you will LOVE socks that rock :) I've knit 2 of my 3 pairs of socks so far out of it and they're totally my favorite (just don't tell the rest of my yarn)

  6. The sock yarn is lovely! Looks like the kids had a lot of fun, yeah, we accept drooling as part of life.

  7. Love that picture of the babes! No car is complete without some drool on the seats, or nose-juice on the windows!

  8. I don't know if you knew this, but nose-prints on the windows and drool on the seats actually INCREASE the value of your car. :)

    That's what no-blog-rachel (who has a blog) told me, anyway.

  9. That is an adorable picture!
    I could just hug them.
    Yea for more packages!

  10. Happy, tired dogs! That's a very good thing...

    You have been getting some great packages lately. Congrats again on winning GAD!

  11. LOVE your doggie knittin blog!!!
    Need another lab? I have at least a half a dozen:)

  12. Yummy gifties and the picture of your babies in the backseat is to cute:)Hugs Darcy


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