Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dogs on Thursday!!

I have tons to talk about but I'm going to keep this post DOT only!

Figured you would enjoy some new pictures of my cuties. The first one here is all the dogs getting some loving from Special K. They both like to get in bed with him once I get out and start making breakfast on Sunday mornings. He enjoys it as well. Aren't they just cute all comfy in bed??

I also got some cute pictures of Abigail in the yard. Our grass is growing in and that is wonderful!! She just has the most precious looks. :)
And she just loves her destroyed doggie which I can't replace because I'm pretty sure she's probably allergic to it but I don't have the heart to throw away yet. I'm a bad mommy.

When I call Jackjack in from the backyard. He always likes to run on the path. :) He is a very proper dog. When we go on walks he does not like to walk in the grass. He wanders into the grass to sniff and go potty but when he's walking it's on the sidewalk. He's a strange dog, what can I say.
When he gets in he likes to lay down and stare you down and let you know...he wanted to say outside. hehehe. :) If we owned the house I'd love to get a doggie door but we'll have to wait until we own a home.

Well...I hope you enjoyed a little sneak into the lives of Jackjack and Abigail Grace. They are such cute dogs and a wealth of entertainment!!

If you are interested in the Doggie Swap on Dogs on Thursday please go check out the info and send me or Paula an email.

Happy Dogs on Thursday!!


  1. Just finished listening to Jackjack's story! I'm so glad he has you as a mom...what a dear boy he is.

    That photo of Abby is beyond gorgeous. Then again, I'm partial to the Goldens.

  2. What dear babies you have. Don't ya love it when they jump in the bed with 'the last person up'!?

  3. Great pics! And yes, they do look mighty cute.

  4. Coming from a landlord, if you want a door with a doggie door, this is what you should do.

    Buy a door, have a doggie door put in it (or do it yourself), take the exsisting door off and put it away. Install the door you bought.

    When you move, remove the door (with the doggie door) and put back the door that was originally there. All landlords want is that you leave the place the way you found it or better.

    Much love from up north. New company keeping me so, so, soooooo very, very, verrrrry busy.
    Big kisses to all

  5. JackJack is such a gentleman. I bet he'd open the doggie door for Abigail too. That's one thing does not require the opposit thumb!

  6. What! You have green grass? Our boys are envious. They're still playing on boring brown leftovers.

  7. Thanks for commenting on my fiber. I carded three of those braids and my feet are killing me. It's so nice to sit down and spin for a while now. Enjoy your drop spindle. It will definitely make you want a wheel. The spinning classes at Uncommon Threads are great.

  8. Your dogs are so lovely!!

    I also like the yarn you got for the wedding wrap. I'm glad you were able to find something that suited you locally!

    The malabrigo is yummy looking too...

  9. Pretty babies. Both are pretty big snugglepuppies. Thank you for the picture of the green grass. I'm hoping it makes its way here to St. Louis someday:)

  10. I sympathize with you about Abby's toy. Frisky destroyed a little squeaky surfboard toy that had become his 'baby.' After he ripped it open, dh tried to take it from him but Frisky held firm. I swear he *knew* dh would throw it in the trash. I finally coaxed it out of Frisky's clenched teeth and carefully stitched all the ragged edges shut. That dog never left my side. I swear they are just like kids ;)

  11. Thank you for the peek into Abigail's and JackJack's lives! They are so adorable.

  12. Oliver has tagged JackJack and Abagail! He says please check it out! Woof!

  13. Your dogs are just the cutest. Your Abby looks just like my Jake and Jackjack reminds me of a black lab I had when I was a little girl. We called her Ebie, short for Ebony.

  14. Beautiful dogs. Zeus wants to thank Jackjack and Abigail for the valentine and dog bone. He scarfed it down and even sniffed the envelope for more crumbs!!!


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