Monday, March 23, 2009

MIL socks and Missing Bobbins

Hi, how are you? I forced myself to go to the doctor today even though it scared my cough away my doctor gave me cough meds and I'm hoping to take them soon. They have codine in them so I don't want to take it until I'm ready to pass out. I did manage to make it through an hour long recording of a podcast with no coughing but ended up with a big coughing fit when done. Go figure.

I will be uploading the episode either tonight or in the morning. Depending how late I want to stay up until it renders out. :)

So...if you read a comment from a certain Mother-in-law of mine, whom I love and miss dearly, you would have noticed that Sharimom requested that her cold feet up in Ohio need some socks! You know I couldn't possible not start a sock as soon as I could for her! She appreciates my hand knits and reads my blog and is known to listen to my podcast! :) So, you know I love her very much. So, when Special K and I headed to the beach yesterday, so he could wad fish and I could get some sun, I brought along some sock yarn to cast on a sock for her. I also decided that since I am going to knit her socks out of Dream in Color Smooshy, one of my favorite yarns, that I would knit her the same pattern I knit for myself out of this yarn. The Monkey pattern! It's an easy fun knit and they are one of my favorite socks! Check them out at the beach. Like the scenery?
Here is Special K showing me his last catch!
Ok..why the Missing Bobbin? Well, as I've been saying I've been spinning singles for my 3 ply yarn. I only have 3 bobbins and if all of them have a single on them, what am I going to ply them onto? So I came up with a plan! I put a paper towel roll onto a bobbin winder.
Then I set up my make shift lazy kate with the bobbin in it and balled up one of the singles on there. :) This freed up a bobbin and with the roll in the middle prevented a big messy tangle. What do you think?
I tried using it as I would a bobbin in my makeshift lazy kate but it didn't work so I just left it in the box and it rolled around. This seemed to work and so far no tangles!

I'll share finished Yarn pictures later. Must head to drink some cough meds and get a good nights sleep!


  1. I'd love to know how you know (if you do) what a yarn will look like knit up when you spin your own. Ids it a surprise?
    Hope you feel better. Coughs can take forever and they just wear you out. Codeine at least helps you sleep.

  2. Yay for me, Yay for me!!!!!

    I am going to take a picture of the shawl you made for me for my my fave color green.......and email it to you so you can post it. It's beautiful and I use it all the time at work.

    I love and miss you as much.
    oh.....and my boy too!


  3. Can't wait to see the finished yarn spun exciting!

    That's so awesome you get along with your inlaws...makes married life sooooo much easier! Can't wait to see the socks knit up!

    Great catch SK!


  4. I really wish I could get into the sock spirit. I finish one and then never again!

    What beach are you at?


  5. What a great idea using the paper towel tube! I'll have to try that next time.

    Hope you're starting to feel better!

  6. Look at you spin, and knit. Go Gnat!

  7. DIC yarn is sooooo wonderful! :)

    What a great idea with the paper towel roll, ingenious!

  8. Hope you're feeling better soon. A cough can really make you feel miserable. Sunshine and knitting should help.

  9. I hope the sun helped to dry your cough out a bit. Looks like you had a good day with your honey!


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