Sunday, March 15, 2009

Relaxing Sunday and an FO!

So, I still have a cough and I'm not sleeping that well...but I am glad it's Sunday. Special K just left a little bit ago to head to a golf tournament with his dad and friends. My plan today is to run some errands. I have something to return to Jo-Anne's and then I'm going to stop by Walgreens for some more allergy meds. The rest of my day is going to hopefully be spent spinning and knitting. I want to finish another single of the citrus yarn and maybe get to the heel on my Entrelac sock! for the FO. I mentioned yesterday I cast on a felted spinning wheel bag. It was a super easy knit. I used some of my BFL fiber that I had spun up and I like how it knit up. I doubled up some of the skinnier bits so they wouldn't be noticeable and I went back and sewed up some of the places I felt needed more yarn. :) So, here it looked pre-felting.
Then I threw it in the washer and felted it up. Took me three rounds of the washing to get it where I was happy. It's a bit larger than I had hoped and it's a bit big for my wheel but I like it! I may knit another one smaller with the yarn I Navajo plyed. We'll see. But here it is all night and pretty on my wheel. What do you think?
Ok..well..I'm off to shower and then pick up my niece who is coming with me on my errands. I hope you all have a great Sunday! I'm planning to get as much relaxing done as possible. The dogs and house are clean and I have nothing I have to do!! Love it!!


  1. Cute! What a good idea. Enjoy your time with your niece.

  2. Ok, this might sound dumb but what's the bag for? Do you need one? You know I'm new at this spinning business....It's such a cute bag and looks awesome on the wheel but don't know what its for? Hope you get better soon, this has gone on for toooooooo long! big hugs

  3. I love felting, it's just so cool.

  4. That's a great little bag, I'm gonna have to make me one of those....


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