Friday, June 12, 2009

Fun with Dye Night!

Last night after work, I swung by home and let the pups out, fed them and then went over to my sister house. She is having surgery this summer and she wanted us all over for her only to tell us all once. We have a big family so sometimes when big things happen in our lives we end up having to tell the story like a hundred times. I'm with her on this decision to tell us all at once. :) So, we went over and she told us what they are planning to do. She's not sure when the surgery will be but it will hopefully be within the next month.

After her announcement, she decided to make spaghetti and meatballs for the family. My nephew just had his braces tightened so I took him, my niece and cousin's son to Tropical Smoothie to get them a smoothie. We then all ate together sans a couple brother in laws and I headed home.

When I got home I decided I wanted to dye some of the fiber that I cleaned last weekend. Sunday, I'll be heading over to my friend Manda's house and taking over her drum carder for the afternoon. :) I wanted to dye the fiber before I carded this last night I figured was a good night since the fiber would be able to dry before Sunday.

So I first separated the 1.5lbs of fiber into four batches of about 6 oz each.
I then soaked the batches in warm water for a bit while the pots were warming up and I was adding the dyes.
Next I drained the water and rung them out and dropped a batch into each pot. I only have two pots designated for dyeing so I did two batches at a time. My first round I tried to do a purple but put too much blue.I did a red but it came out more pink than red. I like it though.
The second batch I tried two more purples but for some reason the tips of the fiber was dying more reddish and other ends more purple-blue. Here is one sample of the batch. I actually carded this bit even though it was damp and it came out awesome! I'm excited actually!Here are the four batches drying so I can card them up on Sunday!! The first two are on the right and then the purples are on the left. I'll take better pictures on Sunday of them.
I'm so excited to play with them. I can't wait to test out different ways of carding them. I'll probably start with batts of just one color each and then start blending! So much fun! Hope no one else expects to use Manda's drum carder sunday because I'll be using it all afternoon! heheeh :)

Tomorrow I was supposed to be going to the WWKIP day in Tampa but my FIL asked if I wanted to go fishing and since I haven't gone in a really long time...I changed my plans. I hate canceling on people but sometimes it happens.

Happy Friday!!!

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  1. Gnat, just a comment on your variation in dye take up on the locks.
    Since the fleece is more weathered on the tips it would make the individual "hairs" have different "architeure" along their lengths, thusly making the dye absorb differently along the length of the fibers. Egads, that sounds like a lecture - you can take the scientist our of the lab, but you can't take the lab out of the scientist, I guess.

  2. Neat! I hope you have fun fishing.

    Sending up a prayer for your sister too. Sometimes waiting for surgery is the worst part.

  3. Looks like you had fun...great job too! Can't wait to see it carded now!:) Have fun fishing!

  4. Sounds like you had a really buys evening. I'm really interested to see how the different bats look once you've carded them.

  5. first of all, i wish i had a friend with a drumcarder.

    second of all, i just today bought some alpaca fiber and have no idea what to do with it, but you sure make it look easy. :)

    third of all, well wishes for your sis!

  6. your colors are great-and yes-you're lucky to have afriend with a drum carder. I'm looking at a huge pile of wool to work with-will have to handcard it all-but I usually catch up on lotsa TV while I do it. can't wait to see your end product.

  7. I was gonna go to WWKIP today but I forgot I have to work. Ugh, and I do not feel good enough to work.

    I hope your sister recovers easily from her surgery.

    I love your fibers!

  8. I love dyeing! It's so fun, and the surprises you get....priceless. Thanks for sharing pictures of your process.

    Thanks for participating in Fiber Arts Friday!

  9. I love dying but it's usually on someone's head lol
    Looks like a lot of work, but fun.
    Happy DOT
    Love Claudie and prayers for your sis.


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