Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Playing with Camera! Fiber and More of Fiber fun Day!!

I pulled out my friends camera that I've been borrowing forever and I can't seem to get to work and decided that I have to learn! It's a Nikon D70 and it's awesome but for some reason refuses to work properly for me most the time!! UGH! But it takes beautiful pictures when it does work.

First thing first! I took some better pictures of the locks that I dyed up last week! I'm thinking of selling dyed locks in my store so I wanted to see if I could get good pictures of these! And yes I can!
Cotton Candy Pink
Deeply Blue
Tipping Redand last but not least Patiently purple :)
I think they came out great! If I sold them I will have to tell people that there is some vm or vegetable matter still in them but I think this fiber is great to work with so we will see. I know I want to get my store back up and running because I would like to buy a drum carder but I just need to figure out what all I want to put up. I'll post when I do! are more pictures from Saturday! Here is the beloved drum carder! It's a Strauch Finest I believe.
Here is me working on the fiber to put in. :)
6_17_09 012
And since I just had is the only picture of Monica that I have. :)
Well...I hoped you liked more pictures of fibery goodness and the carder! I have some cute pictures of the pups and my current spinning to post up for tomorrow!


  1. The thing with DSLR's is that they take practice and you have to be willing to take tons of pictures until you're happy. They'll give you fantastic results but you have to work way harder than with a P&S. I love the cotton candy pink, it's so bright!

    That drum carder is crazy looking :)

  2. OMG that drum carder is huge! Great job on the dying! Fun!

  3. ha ha. You took a pic of me taking a pic. That was a fun afternoon.

  4. Wow, it's been so neat to see the dyeing process and now carding! People snap up bats so I say go for it and list them!

  5. Love all of your fiber! Gorgeous!! I soooo want a drum carder one day too. :)


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