Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More from Doggie Swim Day at Manda's.

Here are more pictures!!

Look at my baby sleeping on Manda's back balcony. He's sleepy after swimming!
Abby even though she is sleep...she is not ready to give in to the sleep!
They are just so cute and WOW do I have a lot of stuff in my AWESOME Zuma bag!! :)
Check out my spot!! Look at the view.
Our comfy knitting spot! It was a perfect day...cool breeze and lots of sun! I worked on a dishcloth and my sock...you know how I can't just knit on one thing lately!
Here's our view!! LOVE IT! I have asked Manda if I could move in but I think Special K would miss me. :)
And then our highness found her throne. :) She is so cute.We had a great time...and can't wait to go back for another fiber day and/or doggie day! :)

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!!


  1. Aw, after swimming tiredness, cute!

  2. Looks like they enjoyed their rest after swimming, that is a beautiful pool

  3. wow! are all the dogs on thursday folk fiber enthusiasts too?? :)
    loved your all your pictures, the dogs and the yarn!


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