Tuesday, July 7, 2009

WIPs and my spinning for Tour de Fleece!

So, to make sure you know that I'm still actually knitting....proof that I'm knitting I guess I should say. Here are some pictures of my knits.

First we have the 2nd of two dishcloths I'm knitting as part of a gift for a friend. I like how these are knitting up.
Then here are the Seaweed Socks that I'm knitting for my SIL. I'm hoping they will be completed before she gets her at the end of the month. I'm almost to the toe and so I'm pretty much done with the first sock. I've already memorized the pattern!! I love when I can do that!
And this past weekend on the 4th started the Tour de Fleece which goes the same time as the Tour de France. My goal this year is to spin every day the tour is on! So far so good. On the 4th I started spinning up this lovely Ramboillet fiber that is spinning up beautifully! I plan to navajo ply it and knit up a scarf for my sister Luz. She mentioned this weekend she wanted one and that she liked pink! This is only the first half of the 4 oz. I'm going to let it rest and navajo ply it tonight so I can start on the next 2oz.
Since I finished the first 2 oz of the pink stuff last night and wasn't ready to put my wheel away. I pulled out the bobbin with the fiber I processed. It's from the fleece from WI and the stuff I dyed up and drum carded. It has a bit of vm but it's spinning up BEAUTIFULLY!! :)
Well...now I can call my blog a fiber/knitting blog again. Sometime I just get over zealous with my cute puppy pictures!! But really can you blame me?

Happy Knitting and Spinning!!


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  2. I love the colour of the socks.

  3. Love those socks and they look like such a great pattern! Wow that fiber is awesome...looking good!:)

  4. Spinning and Knitting! The colour of the Rambouillet you're spinning is beautiful!

  5. Spin on! I think my back is almost ready to reunite with my wheel...

  6. There is an award waiting for you on my blog:)Hugs Darcy

  7. Gnat - I really like those socks - I'm going to get that pattern & try it myself. great job!


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