Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend update...spinning and weekend fun.

So...this weekend was JAM packed! I'm ready for a vacation from my week last week and this weekend..and I really doubt this week at work will be it. :)

First off...last week was so busy and stressful that all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and wake up in a month...but since that is not possible...this is what did happen this weekend.

Friday night was my friend Bambi's 30th birthday! She threw a slip n slide party. :) hehehe It was fun but I did NOT slip or slide. Special K and I stayed way too late...thanks to our friend Becky but that's ok. Becky is visiting from up north and we don't get to see her often so it was great catching up.

Saturday was an early day for me. I got up early and got my allergy shots and then Manda and I met at starbucks and then headed up to Safety Harbor for my guild's monthly spinning meet up. We only have 5 people but we had a great time. We hung out under this gazebo in the center of town and enjoyed the nice breeze.

I worked on the Ramboullet for my sister's shawl. I love how it's coming out!!
After that we headed over to Sheryl's and saw Levi..her son who is 2 months old. It was SO cute because I got to feed him and he's smiling now and just TOO cute. No pictures sorry! Will take some next sat. at his baptism. I'm going to be one of his god parents! I'm very honored and excited!

Saturday night, Special K and I headed over to Becky's parents house. Her dad is the pastor at our church and the person who married us. It was a great evening with good food and great company.

Today...was another day. :) Kenny let me sleep in and then we met up with our friend Phil and Katy for brunch because well...we kind of cancelled plans for Saturday night because Becky invited us over for dinner. :) They understood though and brunch was great!

Then we picked up a loveseat from Kenny's boss and unloaded that into the house and then we got ready for the wedding. I'll leave that for the next post since...this one is already long enough.

Well...hope everyone had a great weekend! I'll be back in about 5 minutes with the next post about my childhood friends wedding.


  1. Wow, your weekend was jam packed!

  2. Big whine here.....I wanna spin in the gazebo! What an awesome setting to spin in! You lucky girl you! hugs

  3. That is a busy weekend but sounds like it was fun!


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