Thursday, July 9, 2009

Spinning FOs and a carded batt.

I have Spinning to show you!! I am still working on getting better pictures but it's coming along! :)

This first skein is the sock weight yarn that I spun from the superwash merino I carded at Manda's. I think I might need to convince her to let me have a couple more ounces. It's a three ply and I think it came out to about 150 yards. I think I need about 200 or so more to do a good pair of socks for myself. I'm sure Manda and I can work out a trade. :)
This second skein I've been working on for Tour de Fleece. It's a Ramboillett and it's navajo plied. I love how it came out and have already started spinning up the 2nd 2oz of it. Once I'm done than I'm going to knit this into a shawl for my sister Luz. I think she will love it!
Last night I got to bring home the drum carder that is owned by my weaving/spinning guild! It's a clemes and clemes and so far it's working good! I ran some of the dyed locks I have through it and it is SO pretty! As usual there is still some VM in it but it's so soft and lovely! I plan to spend some time tonight with the drum carder and card up some more batts from what I have dyed. I also scheduled a dye/fiber day with Manda next Sunday...yes...I think there is a theme of fiber days at Manda's lately. hehehe

This week at work has been super crazy, we are down a person in our dept and it's been SUPER busy! I'm glad SK called me today and offered to go to the grocery store and make me dinner tonight! I'm feeling a little clammy today which isn't good. Hopefully a good night sleep tonight will prevent me from getting sick!

Ok..hope you have a great day and don't forget to run over to the DOT post this week!


  1. That is a beautiful colour!

  2. They're all great but that second skein just pops!

  3. Looks great! You're spinning well, very well...

  4. That is very nice work Gnat! Your yarn looks very nice.

  5. Oooh I really like that second skein. Yay for spinning!


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