Wednesday, July 1, 2009

WWKIP! and yes...really late but with TONS of pictures!

Ok..yes, our event was held two Saturdays ago..but for some reason I just can't get blogs or podcasts up in a timely manner lately. At least I'm getting them up! So, Saturday June 20th was my knitting group which we like to call ourselves the Fiber Fanatics, had our World Wide Knit in Public day. I planned the event at a local park at a really nice shelter spot. It was funny because when we got there the reservation sign said "Rush Party." I laughed because I forget that I have a new name. :) My niece Surfer girl was like isn't that a sorority party. eheheheh

The venue I picked is one of my favorite spots.
How can you resist being out by the water...even though it was hot the breeze helped a lot!This was a pic of when we first got there. Check out the cool decorations that Sid made!And here is Sid, Frankie's new mommy! Frankie's new sister is Arwyn and they get along so great!Sid the crafty woman that she is...made these awesome red velvet cupcakes!Frankie hanging with Arwyn by his new daddy.Manda and I brought our wheels and spun a bit

Here's Manda!
Here is Surfer Girl. She looks so amused. :)
Sheryl without Levi but with her never ending sock! :)
My sister Fleas crocheting!!
We all had a great time. It was sad to leave but the park closes at dusk! Hope you enjoyed the pictures!!

Happy WWKIP day!!

PS...I think every day is KIP day! ;) heheeh


  1. Looks like a great time! I wish we had a group like that here.

    Frankie looks like one happy doggie! :)

  2. That looks like you had lots of fun!

  3. Fun! Frankie looks happy. And I'm glad you reminded us that you have a new last name, because I was totally thinking that the park screwed up and had given some Sorors your shelter!

  4. What a lovely spot to spend a gorgeous day knitting and with friends!


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