Thursday, August 6, 2009

Crochet at Knit Night Wednesday and Softball Thursday!

Last night was our weekly Fiber Fanatics meet up and I had a great time. I had not been in about a month and it was nice to see everyone. While I was there I worked on my friend's sweater some more and learned a new crochet stitch. The bottom is my single crochet practice and then the top next to the hook is my new skill...double crochet!
Sheryl brought my godson Levi and he was just so well behaved! He got a little fussy because he was hungry but for the most part he was a doll!
He's just TOO cute!! Look at that face!!
Sid brought me goodies!! She was at the bookstore and she saw these and since she knew I'm such a big fan she had to get me Edward and Jacob Skybars!! They are AWESOME! I think I laughed for about 5 minutes! She and Angela are not fans...they think Bella whines and Edward is a possessive stalker. :) They are half right but I STILL love him!!
Sid lent me this series about werewolves and it's awesome!! It's what I've been reading for a while. The series is written by Patricia Briggs. This particular series from her is called the Mercy Thompson novels and they are Moon Called, Blood Bound, Iron Kissed, and the book I'm reading now Bone Crossed. They are all really good! I've also read another one that Sid lent me called Cry Wolf and it's the first one in the Alpha and Omega series. It's with some of the characters from the other series in the same world. I love when writers do that! If you like werewolf/vampire books check out this series...even if you don't at least read Moon Called and give it a chance. She hooked me!

Well, tonight my family planned our second ever Family Softball Game. Everyone who wanted to and could played. We had a blast! My team won but mostly we all had good fun! Here's a pic of me up at bat!
Well...I hope you enjoyed this two post day! I'll try to come back sooner than I have been. I miss writing about my days and sharing pictures! I'm almost done with a couple projects so you'll get to see some FO pictures soon!

Happy Thursday! I'm off to bed to read and be glad tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!


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  2. She's absolutely right...Bella is a freakn' whiner.

  3. I LOVE Edward too *Swoon* I sooo want one of those bars, I must go to the book store!


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