Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jackjack's Birthday week!

Ok, so forgot to post about Jackjack turning 6 this past Saturday!! Happy Birthday JACKJACK!!! My boy is 6 years old...he still acts like he's a puppy most the time! Picture of Jackjack, a Labrador Retriever dog on Dogster
He joined my pack when he was already 18 months old in January of 2005 and he was a skinny skinny skinny you could see almost every rib bone. He found me when I was looking at our local SPCA...just looking. He was so skinny and in need of a healthy happy home that I just had to bring him home.
When I first got him, I lived by myself and worked nights. We would go on walks and to the dog park during the day and then when I got home late at night, we would go for another walk. He was somewhat protective on a leash but it was more his dominance that took a while to figure out. We have gone to many obedience classes and our relationship has change so much in the years we've been together.
He is the first dog that I ever was completely responsible for. He is my heart and sole and always excited when I get home or even when he sees my car coming. (So does abby) But after some love and play he is a lazy lump on a couch. Any couch! :)
Or bed...he loves sleeping in bed
After about 2 years of just us, Abby found us and joined our pack. At first they had a couple things to work out...her food aggression being one of them and his healing from his accident with a car was the other one. But after a while they figured it out and became the best of buds. They rarely like to be a part and get so excited when they see each other again!

They like to go to the park together and ride in the car.
They also like do to training together because that usually means LOTS of treats!Abby even taught him how to have fun swimming! Now he's an expert!
After Abby joined our Pack, Special K found us. Special K helped carry Jackjack down the stairs when he was hurt and then eventually moved in and joined our pack officially by giving us all a new last name. :) Jackjack has a special relationship with Special K and they are two peas in a pod. The look that Jackjack gives SK when SK gets any where near him is priceless.

Well, Happy Birthday my first baby! You are my best friend and I love you very much.

Love Mommy!


  1. Happy Birthday, Jackjack!!

  2. A black lab that needed to be taught how to swim...Nice. lol.

  3. Happy Birthday JackJack! Such a sweet face!

  4. I think you need a bigger bed, LOL

    Happy Birthday to JackJack and kudos to you for celebrating.

  5. Awww, happy birthday to JackJack! He's so cute, and so is your golden.

    I love the picture of your husband on the bed with the dogs...I don't have a pic, but my guy will do that with my golden...seriously just melts my heart!

  6. Happy belated birthday Jack Jack!


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