Monday, August 3, 2009

A Lazy haircut. :)

Sorry I've been MIA lately. A lot has been going on! We've been looking for a house and working a ton. Also this past week Kenny's sister Sarah, her son Logan, her boyfriend Ryan, and his son Dry were in town. It was great seeing them and we had a really good time. The weekend was JAM Packed though! I'll try to get some pictures to share from her.

So...for today's post I just wanted to share with you my haircut!

My hair went from this....

To this...
It felt great to chop off about 4-5 inches of thick hair! My head feels a lot lighter. I really like my new haircut. It's shorter than I was thinking I would go but once I got there I was like chop it all off! ;) Hope you like the mirror shot. :) I really should get a better picture to show. hahah

Also wanted to share my new Spinning toy!! It's an Ashford Precision Lazy Kate. For those of you who don't spin and don't know what a Lazy Kate's a contraption that holds the bobbins in place so you can ply(which means to spin single strands of yarn together) from them. The one I got has a tension band that helps keep the bobbins from spinning back on themselves while I ply off of them.
So far, I've only used it with one bobbin while I navajo plied the single. This means to make a sort of chain that creates a solid yarn. :) Not sure that made sense but let me know if you are interested in more info.
I love the Lazy Kate!! If you go back to previous posts you will have seen my make shift one with the shoe box and needles...and that's ok to start out with when you don't want to invest a lot into spinning and well...learning but I have to agree with Jasmin from the knitmore girls. The Lazy kate is an awesome tool! It really did make plying a lot easier! I can't wait to use it to ply up the 3 ply sock yarn I'm working on. I still am only on the 2nd single. As I keep saying, I've just been a bit busy!


  1. Love the new hair!! Looks really cute. :)

    Love that new Kate too!

  2. Since I've gone short I don't think I can go back...I cut 14.5 inches off last November! I think that was at least a five lb. weight loss!:) Love your new cut...less shampoo too!:) You're such a cutie! hugs

    Have ya tried the soap yet?

  3. The new 'do looks great! Did it make it easier to get ready in the morning?

  4. love your hair cut! I just chopped off about 4-5 inches off my hair. I had been growing it out for almost a year (husband wanted to see my with long hair. My hair is normally really short). So I got it to where yours is now and it looked horrid so I chopped it off.

  5. There's nothing like getting a haircut in the summer to make you feel cooler. :-) Love the new do!


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