Monday, August 3, 2009

Stitch n Pitch 2009!!

This year's Stitch n Pitch was this past Sunday. We played the Royals and even though we had won the 2 games before, the Royals won by scoring in the last 2 innings. Back to stitching, the bags were nothing compared to last year and there were no vendors and less people but I had fun either way. The crowd was friendly and nice as usual and I got a couple rounds of knitting done...and some crocheting as well!

Here's my group at the Rays game...and yes I wore a Cubs shirt. :) I had worn my Rays shirt to the game the day before with Kenny's family.
My shirt actually got me recognized by one of my podcast listeners and Mara came up and introduced herself! It was awesome! It was my first listener to come up and meet me!!

While at the game, I worked on the 2nd sock that I was hoping to finish before Sarah, my sister-in-law went home but failed that one. She did try on the first finished sock so at least I know she liked it and it fits! I'll hopefully have these in the mail soon, with some extra goodies!
I also worked on a dishcloth...a CROCHETED dishcloth! Yes, I learned to crochet! It's not as awesome as knitting but it's fun and I can't wait to learn more stitches. My friend Sid, Frankie's mommy, is helping me out. Here is my 2nd crocheted item ever! I'm getting better slowly. It takes a lot of concentration.
And since they are just too cute...Here are my pups. Abby following me around the house. :)and Jackjack making sure he gets a good resting spot. :)Ok...well...hope everyone is dong good!! Happy Monday!!


  1. Looks like you had fun at the Baseball game :-), Ur crochet dishcloth is very cute! and of course Jack Jack and Abby are as adorable as ever!

  2. Love the pictures!! But where's the shot of Green Day?! ;)

  3. What a sweet Abby face! Love the baseball pic too cool!

  4. SnP--looks like SO much fun, I don't think we are going to have one this!


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