Sunday, December 13, 2009

FO alert and Spinning progress

Today flew by! It started with going to church, then our charity knitting group consisted on only 2 so we canceled until after the holidays, then spent the day cleaning... Sounds fantastic right! Well, I did get a lot of stuff done but I still have more to do. This week is actually busier than I had anticipated but that's ok. I just need to make sure we have a packed car on Friday night as we head out of town!!!

Last night while we were hanging with Special K's dad and stepmom, I was able to finish the 2nd mitt that I had been knitting for myself for Ohio. The pattern is the iPhone Mitts by Julie Ridl, which is an easy, fast and fun knit!
You can flip the top under when you are cold...
Then flip it down when you need your fingers!
I loved the yarn, which is the Lilly Potter colorway by Shelby B's Designs. It's her Supreme sock, which is a cashmere, nylon, superwash merino blend. I'm falling in love with this blend! I just need to make a pair of socks out of it so test it's wear as a sock.

Another thing I recently started is some spinning for my Aunt Rita, who got to town of Friday. She is my Aunt who lives in Chicago and her daughter Lisa lives here. I got to see her tonight and it's great to talk to her. She is a knitter, which I didn't find out until after I started knitting. She actually had a pair of handknit socks on tonight!! ;)

Since she is a knitter, I decided to spin up some yarn for her. I'm using some of the fiber I picked up at SAFF.
Well..I hope you all had a good weekend. I'm glad it's Sunday becuase that means it's closer to Ohio time but I'm not looking forward to heading to work in the morning. We are having our company Holiday party tomorrow night so I AM looking forward to some sushi!!

Good night and Hope you have a fantastic Monday!


  1. THe gloves are great, I might have to make myself a pair! Giving the handspun yarn is a great gift idea! Have a good week!

  2. Love how the gloves came out! They look so warm and soft too- I may have to make some for myself!


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