Thursday, December 24, 2009

Jackjack's road trip Ohio!

Hello everyone! blog365 really didn't work out so well for this past week but I guess I'll just try to make up during the year. So...what have I been up to this past week you ask?

Friday started with a couple hours of work and then we packed up the car and Jackjack and started on our way. We drove for 8 hours and stopped for the night about 30 minutes south of Charlotte, NC. It had been a long day but it was smooth driving. We stopped a couple times for bathroom breaks and Jackjack but mostly it was smooth sailing.

Saturday, we got on the Road at 7:30 am and off we went....we had heard that starting in NC it had snowed over night so to be careful. As soon as we hit Charlotte the snow began, it was still smooth sailing through NC.
but then we hit Virginia and had our first slow down.
We were only stopped for about 45 minutes this time so it wasn't bad. We started moving again slowly.......and we thankfully stopped at a rest stop and got out.

but then we hit WV and well...this is where it just went bad! We got past Beckley, WV and that's when it just got worse. I guess it has snowed between a foot and 2 feet throughout West Virgina....and there was a fatal car accident between Beckley and Charleston that stopped traffic.
We were stopped for 6 and a half hours!! The accident was cleaned up pretty soon but the problem was that it was snowing the whole time and the roads had then gotten snow we had to wait until the snow plows showed up. We got stopped at 4:30pm and didn't start moving again until 10ish. Jackjack pretty much just napped most the day. It did take a very long time for him to get used to pottying in the snow but he did it. :)
Sitting in the car for 6 hours sure does make you aware of how much you love your husband who's stuck with you. ;) I'm really glad I love mine! :)After we got moving we tried to stop in Charleston and there was no room at the Inn so we ended up driving the rest of the way. We pulled into my SIL's house at about 5am...Jackjack was RESTLESS but he did let me sleep for about 2 hours before he decided that was enough and woke me up. ;)

Be back for another post all about Jackjack in the actual snow. :)


  1. Well, I'm glad you got there safely. We, out here, are so thankful that we don't have that east coast snow.
    Have fun on Christmasy vacation.

  2. I hope your trip home is much better than the trip there.


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