Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Baby Knitting!

Since we have a new baby in the family, everyone should have known that would mean BABY KNITTING!! My first comment about this is that baby knitting is so fast and everything is so cute!! I mean anything that is baby size is always cuter! Second comment is that my nephew is SO adorable that he just makes things look even cuter!!

I, of course am bad with deadlines and instead of having these items knit when little Owen was born back in Nov....they were sent to him in January! At least I made them about 3 month old size so they fit him now! I used the Child's Placket-Neck Pullover that was published in Last Minute knitting Gifts. Originally I had wanted to make the body one color and the sleeves the yellow but once I got to thinking and realized I'd have to sew together, I came up with doing the upper body the second color. I'm really glad I made this choice. I think it came out perfect!! I used some Dream in Color Classy in Midnight Derby that I had left over from my FLS and the DIC Butter Peps was sent to me by Jasmin from the Knitmore girls and it was left over from her Ariann.

Can we say ADORABLE??

He looks so much like pictures of my dad when he was a baby. He's like a little Vicente! :) I love it! I can't wait to meet him!
After I finished the sweater, I decided that he had to have a matching hat!! So, I sort of just made up a pattern for it. I cast on, knit seed stitch for a bit, knit for a little bit, switched colors, kept knitting, decreased and did the top. It fit him perfectly too!

All in all, I think my first official baby knitting was a huge success!! Before this I only had knit bibs...so I'm pretty proud of myself. I already have some baby knits planned for my best friend from high school who is due this summer and another sweater for Owen for his first birthday.

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Knitting!


  1. omg he is just adorable...look at those beautiful eyes....and those wee jeans...hugs and kisses baby Owen!!

  2. That is one stylin' baby!


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