Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Podcast, Knitting, Frogging, and a Gift.

After some inspiration from my podcast and some encouragement, my husband Special K and his brother have decided to start a podcast. Their podcast is about sports and it's called This Week in Sports Podcast and now can be found on Itunes!! If you are interested in sports and think you'd enjoy two brothers chatting about sports and their opinions please go over and check it out. Their language can be colorful at some points but overall I think you'll enjoy it.

This is a picture of Kenny and Jackjack while he podcasted. Jackjack looks so comfy! ;)
After spending most the day knitting and helping Kenny with his podcast on Saturday, Sunday was spent cleaning up and relaxing as well. My podcast listeners had a Virtual Knit Meet up on and while I was chatting with them I decided to finally tackle the mess I made by frogging a vest that I had knit a couple months back from my handspun Romney that I didn't like. Instead of being a good frogger and make sure I wrapped the yarn right while I was frogging the project...I just ripped the knitting apart and created a huge mess!!

Well...that caused lots of knots and frustration but I finally did get it all wound up in the end! YAY!
After I successfully finished all my Ravelympics projects which I'll post a picture of soon! I cast on a vanilla sock using the Knitmore Girls Vanilla pattern. Can I say Genius! It's a simple knit pattern but it goes so fast and I really am enjoying it. This was my progress on Saturday.

I have since finished the first sock and am well on my way knitting the 2nd. I'm hoping to be done by Friday...considering I'm already turning the heel. I think I might be able to get it done.

My sister Tammy who is always great at good little gifts, asked me to swing by this weekend because she had something for me. I've been working on knitting something for everyone in my immediate family by the end of the year and she got me these to put on my knitted items! How awesome is she!! I love them!! I can't wait to sew these into some of my projects!
Thank you Tammy!!

Well...I hope you've enjoyed the catching up. I have lots of plans in the works right now and I'm working on getting some of them out to you all soon. So, look for some new and fun things coming. I'm still working on keeping this blog updated. I do not plan on letting it go anytime soon. I hope you are still with me!



  1. The Virtual knitting was fun! I love the little tags too.

  2. I think both the boys look comfy! And I love those knitting labels. How awesome! You have to love people who "get" from them are always so much fun!


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