Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ten on Tuesday.

In an effort to blog more often, I found a fun weekly post to try out.  You can sign up over at Carole Knits.   This week’s topic: 10 Things to Do Instead of Watching TV. 

Since I tend to watch a lot of TV, I thought this was a great topic.  Reminds me that I can and often should do somethings other than sit in front of the TV and veg with my knitting or spinning.

1. Read a good book.   I love reading and when I get into a good book I pretty much have to finish it and put everything to the side to finish it.  I also stay up WAY too late!

2. Cook or Bake something new.  This has been my nesting since I got pregnant.  Poor Kenny has been forced to eat more because I am often baking something yummy or cooking something new.  I've tried a lot of fun stuff lately and got a new recipe that I'm hoping to try tonight! 

3. Take dogs for a walk.  Dogs need lots of exercise and mental stimulation.  They always can use a good walk, where they can stretch their legs and smell new smells.

4. Train dogs.  This goes along with the walking but you both can learn something fun and new.  They always can use a refresher on any tricks you've taught them.

5. Knit something complicated.  When I knit lace or something I need to focus on, I can't watch TV.

6. Listen to an Audiobook or Podcast.  This is great because it can be done while knitting, spinning, cleaning, or walking.

7. Clean!!  This is often my last choice but honestly it's something that has to get done!!

8. De-clutter or Organize a section or room in your house.  With the baby coming in Nov, we are having to re-arrange our house to make the old stash/office room the baby's room.  We are almost there!!

9. Play cards or board games.  Kenny, my family, and I love to play games!  Kenny and I will play Scrabble or Quiddler or other games.  My family loves Russian Rummy or Spades.

10. Dye some fiber or yarn!  

Hope everyone enjoyed this!!  Happy Ten on Tuesday!!


  1. Great list, but you know #10 wouldn't be on mine. ;)

  2. You've got a beautiful baby inside!! So glad to hear the good news. The pet sitting is going well. He finally is settled.


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