Sunday, October 10, 2010

Barknknit Float for Parade!!

Here is my Float or entry into the Barknknit WIP Parade 2010!

The way my float will be organized is by cast on date with knitting first and then spinning.  I think this is a bit scary but we'll start there. :)

As a preview, here are all the project bags with the projects I'm  not actively working on this weekend.


WIP #1: Entrelac Socks by Eunny Jang

These socks were started back on Feb 7th, 2008!  Yes, they have been on the needles that long!  I am done with the first sock but am stuck halfway to the heel on the 2nd.  I've been moving them from needle to needle yet I have not worked on them since I think May of 2008.  I also don't even know where the pattern is.  I have contemplated just giving up on these and leaving it as a single sock but I keep hesitating.  I have no desire to work on them so they sit in my stash in their project bag until the day I either give up or take them on.

WIP #2: The Subtle Stripe by Lara Killian

I knit one of these vest for my father and it went so quick. I actually knit the body of his vest twice.  I then cast on this one for Special K and it has been on the needles now official over a year.  I started this on August 23, 2009.  It's an easy pattern but for his he wanted it bigger than the pattern and I'm using worsted weight.  He also wants it longer so I didn't order enough yarn.  I'm worried that I won't have enough so I keep putting it to the side.  It gets knit on every couple months and I'm determined to finish this by Christmas.  Wish me lots of luck because I still need to order the yarn.

WIP #3: Barn Raising Quilt by Shelley Mackie & Larissa Brown

The first square for this was started on Sept 23rd, 2009.  It has always been intended as a baby blanket for our first child.  We had just started talking about trying and I started is as an intent blanket.  I have given into the fact that this will not be completed by my due date of Nov 29th for my first baby but that she will hopefully have this blanket before she turns 18.   I use it as an project to grab when I need something mindless and I'm in-between other projects.  I'm using all the left over bits of sock yarn I have in my stash and I have I believe 9 squares completed.

WIP #4: Hemlock Ring Blanket by Jared Flood

This project was started on April 1st, 2010.  If you listen to the podcast, this was started as part of a Jared Flood blanket KAL for the podcast.  I worked on it solely for a while and then I lost my knitting mojo and mojo to knit this blanket.  I plan to finish it hopefully by the end of the year but it's not a priority so it will sit waiting to be finished until I'm ready.  I will admin I can't wait to completed it and use it!  It's coming along so nicely!

WIP#5: Moonfleet by Janine Le Cras

This is my first Unique Sheep KAL that I ever joined and the colorway is their Barknknit colorway created for me. I started this on May 14th, 2010 and I was so excited about both knitting with lace and beads.  I really enjoyed both and learned a lot as I was going.  This was put on hold because I made a mistake in the lace and my pregnant brain just can't get around fixing it.  It's lovely and I want it completed but right now easier patterns seem to be what my brain can process.  I know I will have to frog at least three rows and then figure out where I am in the pattern to get going on this and so it sits and waits.

WIP#6: iPhone mitts by Julie Ridl

Last winter I knit several of these.  The first one was for my SIL, the 2nd one for my trip to Ohio for Christmas, and the 3rd for my nephew.  I loved the pattern and so did many others.  I had gifted my niece Surfer Girl with this yarn which is from Shelby B's Designs are it's her Ginny Weasley colorway.  My niece hasn't had time to knit anything with it and she wanted a pair of gloves so I told her I would knit them out of this.  I have finished the first glove but not the thumb and I'm almost done with the 2nd.  This is her Christmas gift so I have a bit of time before it needs to be done.  These were stared on September 3rd, 2010

WIP#7: Vanilla Socks ala Knitmore Girls.

I cast on these socks on October 7th, 2010.  I had decided that I would knit a pair of vanilla socks and then matching socks for my baby girl.  I'm using some Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in Tart colorway.  They are coming along pretty quickly.  I took this picture yesterday and I'm already done with the heel and on my way to the toe.  I did mention how my brain is enjoying the simple knitting right?

WIP#8: BFL Combed Top on my Spindle

I have been working on this longer than I can remember. :) Actually I'm pretty sure this was being worked on when I got my wheel back in Feb of 2009.  I pull it out every once in a while and spin some and I should be finished with it already.  I think it will get done when it does as I have no urgency to clear off this spindle.  This is my home-made spindle that I love and learned a lot on.

WIP#9: Politically Incorrect One night Stand Batts on my Majacraft Pioneer.

I purchased this fiber at the FL Fiber In this year and started working on it on Oct 2nd at a Pinellas Weavers guild spinning meet up.  I'm spinning it long draw and plan to navajo ply it.  It's a dream to spin and really enjoying the mix of the Merino and Silk in this batt. that is all I could find.  I will admit as a side note I have several things on my projects page on Rav that are not marked as complete yet because they need ends weaved in but for this WIP Float we are not counting those. :)

Hope you enjoyed my float and I look forward to seeing all of yours!  Happy Floating!!!


  1. I don't think your list is so unusual... I did frog a couple of projects two weekends ago, and it felt great!

  2. Loved seeing your projects! I have plenty that need to be frogged, now if I just had the energy to organize. :)

  3. You're a busy girl! I try not to think about some of the things hiding in my project bags. Out of sight, out of mind. lol

  4. Congrats on the first place DRT finish. We were team mates one year and I visit your site almost daily but even though we are on different teams I had to stop by to congratulate you.
    I'll get my projects completed in the next few weeks and I have a list of more to do..thanks for the well wishes.

  5. This is my first Barknknit Float. I am working as a travel nurse and only have a few projects with me on this assignment.

    Here's my float:

    I love seeing your WIP and knowing I'm not the only one with WIP on needles for over a year.


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