Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Crafting Todo List

My crafting has forsaken me...or I have forsaken crafting.  Not sure what has happened but my creativity is all ideas and no action.  What to do about this but create a to do list!  Since I wasn't sure where to put this list and if I make it public maybe I'll be more motivated to finish more of you go!

General Crafts:
1. Build three of these chairs for our porch. I know I definitely want to make one for Carmen and then 2 adult sized ones for SK and me.

1. finish the polwarth fiber that I have currently on the bobbins
2. spin up the black Corriedale locks that I cleaned before I had CGR into about 2000 yards of lace weight

1. Frog all project on the needles that I do not plan to finish or have not worked on in months!
2. Organize yarn stash
3. CO a project for CGR
4. CO a sock (believe it or not I do not have a sock on the needles!!)
5. CO a cardigan for me!
6. Finish at least 20 more squares for CGR's Barknknit Raising Quilt

I think this is all I have for now.  As I finish I'll cross it off and if I get so inspired I will add to this list in the coming weeks and months.  I would like to get most of the stuff on here done by the last day in August.

Happy Crafting!!

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  1. 2000 yards of lace weight! Hurrah! And jeez, get thee casting on a sock, pronto. :)


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