Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dogs on Thursday: A pup on the mend.

This weekend our little girl Abbygirl wasn't feeling good.  This weekend she wasn't acting strange but she puked up a couple times, which she never does.  Jackjack is our puker dog.  He's the one where every couple months he'll decide that he wants to puke up his dinner for a couple days and then he's over it.  We've had him checked out and there is no reason why he pukes he just does.  So, at first we though the puke we found was his...but then we actually saw Abby do it.  That was the start of being concerned.  Then on Sunday night she refused her dinner.  Abbygirl never refuses food!  Special K made her a pb sandwich and she ate that.  The next morning, again she had puked in the middle of the night, she refused her breakfast and this time refused the pb sandwich as well.  We waited a little bit and at this point we started getting a little concerned.  Right before leaving the house I tried a piece of bread and she ate that. 

On my way to work, I called the vet and they said that we should bring her in.  I went to work for a couple hours and then raced home, grabbed her and off to the vet we went.  She is so spoiled!  I love her to death but she is so funny when all she wants is someone to hold her hand.
 (Here is where I go into a bit of detail about stuff...if you don't want to read that kind of stuff...skip this paragraph.)
Once we got the vet, we waited to be seen.  The vet tech came in to check her out and took a stool sample.  She then came back and wanted to get a pee my mind I was thinking...Yeah right! :)  They took her out without me first and nothing.  She came back in and asked me if I could help her and out we went.  I walked her around and told her to go potty and she would pee. She did relieve herself and this time the vet tech looked and we could plainly see there was lots of blood in her stool.  We went back in and waited for the vet to come see us.
 When the vet came in, he asked more questions and said that he thought she got into something and that it seems to be passing through her system.  He gave her some meds for the bloody stool and some nausea meds.  I took her home and let's just say she proceeded to then have the opposite of constipation.  I was worried about leaving her home and not being able to let her out frequently.  I went to work, told my supervisor that I needed to be home, packed up my stuff and headed back.  CGR stayed with the nanny because 1. it's the nanny's last week and 2. I would be able to deal with Abby a little better and I wanted to wait until she was able to stop going often before bringing CGR home. 

I spent the afternoon organizing somethings in the house that I don't normally have time to work on and letting Abby out every 30-45 minutes, which I'm very glad I was there to do.  Here is some proof of my organizing.  If some of you have been to my house you are not surprised of the state of my dresser but I'm not sure any of you have seen it this cleared off. ;)
Well, Abbygirl is doing much better now and she started feeling so good later that day that she started annoying her brother again. :)  That's when I know she feels good.  He of course was not too pleased with being bothered but I was happy she was feeling good.

I hope you and your pups are all doing great!  Happy Dogs on Thursday!


  1. I'm glad Abby is OK now. She's a cutiepie.

  2. So glad to hear Abby is doing better!

  3. Both of our bassets were/are hand-holders! Glad she's feeling better.

  4. Oh, poor pupper! we have a puker, too: Woody will throw up if he's stressed about anything. And both our dogs are hand-holders (as long as the mean-evil-nasty claw clippers are out of sight, anyway). I'm glad she's mending: it's heartbreaking when the furry ones are ill.

  5. I am so glad also that Abby is ok. So sad she was ill


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