Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Daycare, Knitting, and all about me.

This week has been the first full days at the new daycare.  So far I think it's going great!  My new hours of 7am to 4pm are working great too!  It's kind of hard getting up at 5:45 am every morning but it's getting better.  The first day was SUPER hard because Little Miss CGR woke up at 3 am and wouldn't go back to bed until 5!! However, after the first full day of daycare and playing with the other kids, she has been sleeping wonderfully since...yes I just realized I am jinxing myself.  She has been a bit fussy lately but we are all thinking that it's teeth coming in.  Not only has she been fussy but she has been putting everything in her mouth and slobbering all over the place.
Along with the new daycare, she just reached the age where she has separation anxiety.  I knew that this would hit around this time and thankfully it doesn't come with her crying as we leave daycare but she just doesn't like to be left alone anywhere.  If I try to put her in her excersaucer and do things in the kitchen, which is in site she will fuss at me.  I just talk to her and she usually settles a bit but she doesn't like to not be within site or really near you.  I know this stage will pass but it is nice to know that she wants me.  I think it also is this way because of the teething.  
Knitting related, I have been knitting! Lots of knitting going on.  I finished a slouchy hat for my niece for her birthday and it didn't fit so I'm in the process of fixing the ribbing.  I will post pictures of the process once it's completed.  
I'm also doing a test knit for a friend.  It's a super easy and fun scarf pattern.  I picked some of my latest handspun to knit it with and I'm loving how it's coming out.  I don't want to post pictures of the pattern as she hasn't posted it yet but here is a sneak peak.

In a couple posts ago, I talked about how I had lost some friends.  Along with losing these friends, I also felt like I couldn't go to my old knitting group anymore.  It was just somewhat uncomfortable and I didn't feel I wanted to go to a place I really didn't feel welcome anymore.  It's been sad and hard because I really did love going to knitting and when it no longer felt that way, I just felt I couldn't go.  In the end, I have found a new knitting home and it's a very small group, however, it's a great group too.  I miss some of the other ladies from my old group but I just can't bring myself to go anymore.   The new group consist of one old friend and two new ladies that I enjoy spending my Tuesday nights with.  We are all getting to know each other but there is no stress or drama and I love all the ideas and knitting content with our evenings.  My old friend and I are planning some VERY exciting new things so keep your eyes pealed for that! ;)

I also have some giveaways I will be posting on here and one on my barknknit podcast blog.  I just haven't had a chance to post them yet.

Hope you have a great evening and are having a great week!  Happy Knitting!


  1. I'm going to meet some ladies for the first time next week to do some knitting - you are always welcome to join us if you are up in the NPR area. It would be a lot of fun! Starbucks and stitches... what could be better? We're going to be at 19 and Gulf if you're interested. Just pop me an email and I'll give you the date and time.

  2. Pretty knitting!

    And I think the ebb and flow of friends is pretty normal, especially with major life changes like a baby.

  3. It's nice that you found a new knitting group... nothing like that exists around here, but maybe someday. I hope the rest of the daycare transition goes well :)

  4. your bABY and your handspun are gorgeous. Im a visiting all the blog from DRT V today!


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