Thursday, November 17, 2011

Doggie Love for DOT

Not sure I have mentioned how much my daughter loves dogs.  When she was younger than she is now...which wasn't that long ago, when a doggie barked she would laugh and laugh!  She thought doggie barks were so funny!  She still giggles at them sometimes but I'm so happy they don't startle her or scare her.  When our dogs are walking in her direction, she just smiles big!  I have heard her say both the dogs names, however, she doesn't say them all the time.  I'm sure she will get there soon.   She also loves all the family dogs and strangers dogs, although we don't allow her to pet strange dogs....she still smiles and points at them.
With her furcousin Maui
I am happy that my daughter is already showing signs of being an animal lover!  I look forward to the day that she will learn how to train dogs and take care of them as well.

Happy Dogs on Thursday

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