Thursday, December 8, 2011

Birthday Weekend recap...

This past weekend was crazy!  Between my company holiday party and Carmen's first birthday, by Sunday I was spent!  I've been trying to get this post up since then and's Wednesday night and I'm sure I won't have it post until I didn't quite get this up quickly.  Oh well. 

The holiday party went great!  It was so fun to spend time with my co-workers outside of work and the hotel room that the company got us was great!
Special K and I at the party...him in a co-workers cardi
Special K had too good of a time but I'm glad he had fun!  It was my first night away from little miss Carmen and as hard as it was not waking up to her noises, I know it was good for  us to go through with it.  She was home with her Auntie and I heard they had a great time.  This also helped smooth over our weaning but I'll talk about how weaning her went in a separate post.  The morning after the party, we slept in a bit and then stopped for breakfast on the way home.  Once we got home, I was go go go until we got to my FIL's house to start setting up. 

I was very happy with how the decorations I made looked and check out the balloon that the magician at the holiday party made!  He was pretty awesome.

Everyone seemed to have a great time....I won't talk too much but here are some pictures of the event!
Checking out the fishy daddy caught off the dock

The awesome cake that my sister's MIL made her!

Singing Happy Birthday.

Eating my vegan cupcake!

Opening lots of presents!

Happy First Birthday to my baby girl!

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