Monday, December 12, 2011

Carmen's First Birthday Socks...Published!

Socks, socks, everywhere socks!  I love socks...I love wearing them and I love knitting them!  When Carmen was born I knit her a tiny pair of infant socks and she wore them a couple times but they were so adorable on her!  When I was looking for a pattern to knit socks for her for her first birthday, I couldn't find a pattern that was her size but how I knit socks. I don't like knitting from formulas as sometimes, especially when it comes to socks which are my brainless knits, I want it already spelled out!  I want to just see the numbers and go from there. So, I came up with this pattern so I can knit her multiple pairs.

If you find any errors or have any questions, please contact me. As bigger sizes are worked, I will add the stitch counts to the pattern. Can’t wait to see the little socks others knit from this pattern! Enjoy!

Happy Sock Knitting!

PS...with a walking's amazingly hard to get a good picture of her wearing these socks.  

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