Thursday, January 5, 2012

Guest Post: 10 Best Free iPhone Apps for Pregnancy

Welcome to the first ever guest post on Barknknit Blog (other than the ones from my pups)!  I am excited that someone offered to guest post!  Took me a bit longer than I had hoped to get this live but tis life during the holidays!  I hope you enjoy this guest blog post!  I used several of these while I was pregnant with Carmen.  Please go over and check out Brooke site linked below.

10 Best Free iPhone Apps for Pregnancy

How did our mothers and grandmothers get pregnant without the convenience of modern devices?  If you have an iPhone, you have an amazing partner in pregnancy.  To prove it, we have collected 10 free and amazing apps available on iTunes for expectant mothers that can help you do everything from anticipating the next step to registering.

  1. What to Expect – The makers of the popular “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” series have this free app available at the iTunes store.  Simply enter your estimated due date to get loads of tracking and tips.  It gives you week by week details, illustrations, and can even connect you with others in the same stages of pregnancy.
  2. My Pregnancy Today – Similar to the above, this app is also a pregnancy tracker.  It is sponsored by Baby Center, which has been used by 25 million expecting moms.  Features include day to day updates, pregnancy checklist, nutrition guide, and more.
  3. Babble Pregnancy App – This app is brought by the website of the same name.  It contains the usual week by week updates as well as health tips for the next 40 weeks. 
  4. Pregnancy Food No-No’s – Every pregnant woman has strange food cravings, but did you know that some foods can be dangerous?  This free app keeps a list of foods that should be avoided and approached with caution during pregnancy.
  5. Share my Pregnancy – One of the most tedious parts of being pregnant can be the repeating of stories over and over.  Use this app to share with friends and family on the progress of your pregnancy.  Simply create a list of those you want to share with to begin.
  6. 50,000 Baby Names FREE – Get just what the app title promises.  If you can’t find a name here, it probably doesn’t exist.  You can also use the app to view the name’s meaning, origin, and popularity.
  7. Hello Baby Pregnancy Calendar – Get a visual calendar at no charge with this app.  It is brought to you by Pampers and features life sized images that allow you to see the baby’s growth in the womb.  It’s a good choice for those who want the visual side of pregnancy.
  8. Anne Geddes Beginnings HD – Take the above to the next step in this app.  Anne Geddings is a leader in baby pictures and shares amazing images in the app.  In addition to the images, you can also check out her podcasts.
  9. Babies R Us – Because registering and shopping can be one of the best parts of being pregnant, check out these apps.  There is both a shopping app for registries and a guide app that can help you pick out items.
  10. Full Term: Labor Contraction Timer - This application is for mothers who are about to deliver and to record their labor contractions.  It was created by a husband to keep track of his wife's labor.

Brooke Stafford is a nursing practitioner student and also writes for Family Nurse Practitioner Degrees.   The site helps students find the right nurse practitioner degree to fit their needs.


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