Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Holidays in Pictures...

I had big plans of blogging while on my vacation but it just didn't happen!  Along with finishing the Calligraphy Cardigan, which all I have left to do is finish the last 3rd of the 2nd sleeve and then do the button bands, it just didn't happen!   I have a guest blog post that will go up tomorrow but for today we are going to catch up with pictures from our 10 day trip to visit Special K's family up in Ohio!

I couldn't have asked for a better behaved baby while on vacation!  She did great on the flight up and only cried because her bobo aka pacifier came out of her mouth and her ears were hurting her on the decent.  She was also SO good with her 2 week old cousin Braxton.  She would check on him if he cried while in his rocker, she even ROCKED him when I asked her to,  and yes she also tried to take his bobo!
 She gave him kisses and LOTS of hugs!!!

She got to hold him and she was a bit concerned because he cried but she gave him a hug none the less.
She also tolerated all the hand knits that I covered her in love with!  We brought her Toddler coat that I had used handspun to knit as well as her aviator hat with more of my handspun!  In this picture she even had handknit socks on!
 Even though it was way colder than we are used to, we made sure if we didn't go somewhere during the day that we went for a walk.  Carmen wasn't about keeping gloves on so her hands were frigid when we got done with our walk but she loved going for walks!  (YES, Special K is crazy in shorts!!)
We had a snow suit that Special K's aunt got her but it never really snowed enough for it to be used.  We tried it on her once and she instantly just fell back.  I caught her but then she just laid there immobile! I took a quick picture and then freed her from the suit!  
 More handspun love!  Her grandma got her a stroller for up there because she saw one of her 2nd cousin's at Christmas and she just had to have one of her own! :)
 Special K's Aunt got both babies some cute Christmas outfits and it was NOT easy to get a picture but this is the best one we got! :)
 And momma had to pose with her and some Christmas cheer!

 She loved opening presents and even like to wear the gift bag!  I just LOVE this picture...both of them smiling so big!!
 She didn't think Daddy was opening her gift fast enough!
 Daddy spend some time with his new nephew...
 We visited with Special K's childhood friend and got to play with their daughter.  She had a purse that Carmen just HAD to wear around!
 Here she is sitting with her two crazy boy cousins!!  She just thought they were too cool but SO CRAZY!!  (Notice the new dad PASSED out on the couch!)
 Every time we go to visit up north, we ALWAYS stop at Primanti Bros for some yummy sammiches!  Carmen couldn't eat the sammich but she definitely ate!
We had a great time but we were all ready to come home.  We missed our puppies and our own bed.  We miss our family up there and we didn't get to see snow...but it was a great trip.  On our way out of town, we ate at Friday's while waiting for our plane.
 We posed...
 And then we came home to some puppies who could not have been more excited to see their family!  They were well taken care of by their aunties and family! 

Hope you enjoyed our Christmas/New Year trip in pictures!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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