Wednesday, February 15, 2012

NRaWin2012: Homemade cupcakes! yes...I'm behind...I have been cooking and baking but no blogging. :)  So...let's try and catch up here.  2 weeks ago for the superbowl I baked homemade cupcakes...After I made these cupcakes, I watched an Alton Brown episode (We love Alton Brown in my house), and he says to just go with the boxed cake but make the icing homemade!  So next time, I'm going to try a butter cream homemade icing and just make the boxed cake.  However, at least now I can say I baked homemade cupcakes.  Well...this would be the 2nd homemade cupcakes I've made.  The first were the vegan ones I made for Carmen's birthday which were DELISH!


Recipe: Homemade Cupcakes.

The recipe was found here.  I followed it to a T so I would just go over there and read what she wrote. :)  Sorry for the lack of detail here.  My review is that I don't think I would use this recipe again if I was to bake more.  While they were really tasty, I wasn't a huge fan of the texture.  OH and I bought the butter cream icing from Publix since my Father-in-law loves it and we were going over there to watch the Superbowl anyway! :)

Speaking of Superbowl day...we went over to my FIL's early and went on CGR's very first boat ride!  She loved it! She didn't want to sit for long but she loved being on the boat! Here are some pics.
She loved the wind in her face!

Happy Baking!!

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